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There are several ways in which you can join the Washington State Historical Society's team.


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Currently accepting applications for: Registrar 

The Washington State Historical Society maintains an extensive collection of artifacts, manuscripts, books, photographs, ephemera, and maps as mandated in its founding legislation. The registrar maintains legal accession records which document the collection's history. 

  • This position is responsible for documenting incoming and outgoing loans, making insurance arrangements, transporting artifacts locally, and making shipping arrangements. 
  • This position makes the collection accessible to the public and staff by cataloging collection materials and facilitating photography of them. 
  • This position assists curators in developing exhibits by researching relevant collections, preparing collection objects for curatorial review, writing exhibit label copy, and obtaining images for use in exhibits.

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Agency Information

The Washington State Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)3 membership organization, open to any and all individuals, families, or firms. The Historical Society is also recongnized in statute (RCW 27.34) as a trustee agency of the State of Washington with enumerated powers.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Washington State Historical Society is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates, regardless of sex, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status are encouraged to apply.  

For more information, contact Misty Reese, Chief Administrative Officer, at 253-798-5901 or