Contract Opportunities

The Washington State Historical Society periodically issues bid proposals for goods and services, including:

  • Request for Quotations/Quotes (RFQ)
  • Request for Qualifications and Quotations/Quotes (RFQQ)
  • Request for Bids/Proposals (RFB/RFP)
  • Letter to Request Bids (LRB)

All bid proposals are posted on WEBS.

Current bid proposals posted

  • Project Title:  Exhibit Installation Service

    Proposal Due Date:  June 15, 2016

    Expected Time Period for Contract:  August 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017, with possibility of two additional one-year period extensions.

    Project Objective:  The objective of this this solicitation is to identity contractors to provide on-call exhibit installation services for temporary exhibits.  These services can include such exhibit preparator services as matting, framing, and mountmaking; exhibit installation and deinstallation such as art handling, hanging objects and text panels, lifting vitrines, moving cases, placing artifact mounts, and placing artifacts.  Graphic production, packing, and unpacking artifact crates would not normally be involved.  Some work on ladders and electric lifts might be required; operating fork lifts would not be required.  Most of the services would be performed in the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma; some might be at the site of the (currently closed) State Capital Museum.