For media inquiries, contact Marketing and Communications Director Julianna Verboort at 253-798-5902 or

Logo usage guidelines

Logo usage imageUse the SOCIETY logo for campaigns, sponsorships or partnerships that are not directly tied to the museum. If an event, exhibit or program is directly tied to the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, please use the MUSEUM logo instead.

When using the SOCIETY or MUSEUM logos...

  • Use the COLOR logo with transparent background whenever possible.
  • Avoid using the COLOR logo on a white square placed on your material.
  • Use the WHITE logo only on a black or nearly-black background when the COLOR logo will not work.
  • Use the BLACK logo only on a white or nearly-white background when the COLOR logo will not work.

DO NOT MAKE ANY color or design changes to the logo...only size changes are allowed with constrained proportions. Any questions about logo usage can be directed to the Marketing and Communications Director.

General b-roll footage of the exterior and interior of the Washington State History Museum, located at 1911 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma, WA.