"Emigrants crossing the plains"

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Catalog ID Number: C1987.1.1

Object Type: print

Full Description:
Lithograph print, titled: "Emigrants crossing the plains," romanticized illustration of wagon train including covered wagons, settlers (men,women and children), cattle, horses and dog, overland route and exact location not specified. At bottom left: "F.O.C. Darley, fecit." At bottom right: "H.B. Hall, Jr. sc." ca. 1869.

Height 25 cm
Width 33 cm

Creator: D. Appleton & Co.

Creation Date: 1869

Call Number: EPH-A/978/Em44d/1869

Related Subjects: Overland migration, wagon train, women, children, horse, cattle, dog, domestic, wagon, covered, emigrant, immigrant, immigration, Emigration, dog, oxen, Oregon Trail, illustration