[teaspoon set]

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Catalog ID Number: 2011.38.19

Object Type: teaspoon (set)

Full Description:
Set of three teaspoons (a-c) made in Prelude pattern by International Silver Company, 1939. Made of sterling silver. Each has shallow, oval-shaped bowl with slight point at tip. Spoon tilts upward from base of bowl. Shoulder to stem area is slightly curved. Stem expands to handle that comes to point at tip. Embossed flowers at tip and into handle and along ridges of sides and at shoulder on front and back. Remainder of stem and handle are undecorated with indented area along midsection.

length 6 in
width 1 in
depth 1 in

Creation Date: 1939

Related Subjects: Prelude silver pattern, Eating & Drinking Utensils, floral motif