"And the Eyes of the Blind Shall be Opened"

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Catalog ID Number: 2001.

Object Type: periodical,newspaper

Full Description:
Political Cartoon, Periodical, published in a newspaper format, "Votes for Women," Volume 1 #4, March 1910, page 1, published by the Washington Equal Rights Suffrage Association, Seattle, Wa., continued by the title "New Citizen". Cartoon shows five men (one is drunk, and the others smoking and exchanging money) placing votes in a ballot box, while a bind folded woman justice symbol preslides and a police officer welding a billy club prevents four women and a young girl from voting.

height 14 in Note: 8 pages
width 10 in

Creation Date: Mar. 1910

Call Number: PER/VOTES Votes for Women

Related Subjects: suffrage, voting, women, equal rights, Washington Equal Suffrage Association, Seattle, WA, New Citizen, cartoon, political, justice, box, ballot, police officer, alcohol, smoking, illustration, club, billy, Votes for Women