[golf tournament trophy]

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Catalog ID Number: 2012.22.1

Object Type: trophy

Full Description:
Golf tournament trophy made by Wallace Bros. Silver Co. for use by the Tacoma Lumbermen's Club, Tacoma, WA, 1926. Consists of: a) trophy; b) stand. Trophy made of silver plated metal; urn style with large angular handles on either side that are attached on either side of rim, angle up and curve down to near bottom of urn. Urn sits on round hollow base. Urn has round opening, indented neck area set on wide shoulder. Neck decorated with garland of rose like flowers. Engraved on one side: Tacoma Lumbermens Club/Golf tournament /1926/Championship. Additional engraving on back and around base notes winners of tournament from 1927 to 1999. Stand made of red brown wood (mahogany?) by Big John's Trophies, Inc., Tacoma, WA. Rectangular in three tiers with round depression at center top to hold trophy. Mounted on plaque at center top front: TLC / Fred Tebbs and Sons. Smaller rectangular metal plaques mounted below and round two sides. Engraved on plaques on second tier hold dates extending from 2000 to 2007. Engraved on plaques on bottom (third) tier are names of winners of the tournament.

height 26 in Note: trophy on stand
width 18 in Note: trophy on stand
depth 15 in Note: trophy on stand
height 17 in Note: trophy alone
width 11 in Note: trophy alone, handle measurements
depth 7 in Note: trophy alone
height 9 in Note: stand height

Creation Date: 1926

Related Subjects: Tacoma Lumbermen's Club, golf, golf tournament, floral motif