[Seattle Arena]

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Catalog ID Number: 1943.42.39537

Object Type: negative, cellulose nitrate,print, photographic

Full Description:
nitrate negative and photographic print, street view of the Seattle Arena building at 5th Ave. and University Street, King County, Seattle Washington, Asahel Curtis, photographer, April 16, 1920. Many automobiles are parked outside the arena, and signs for various businesses (Arena Skate Store, Lincoln Tailors and Metropolitan Confectionery and Ice Cream) are visible. Four men stand outside the front of the confectionery. Hockey games were played in the Seattle Arena from 1915-1924.

height 8 in
width 10 in

Creator: Asahel Curtis

Creation Date: Apr. 16, 1920

Call Number: Curtis 39537

Related Subjects: Seattle Arena, Seattle, WA, Seattle building, Seattle street, automobile, hockey, Seattle business, Metropolitan Confectionery, Lincoln Tailors, ice skating, Asahel Curtis, 5th Avenue, University Street