[Eight young women of legislative session]

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Catalog ID Number: C2013.18.39

Object Type: print, photographic,postcard

Full Description:
Photographic postcard of eight young women of Olympia, WA, Thurston County, likely staff of the legislative session. Their identities are provided in the subject field of this record. They are lined up on the steps of the Old State Capitol Building. They are wearing summer-weight dresses or waists consisting of tops with wide sleeves, narrow waistbands, and long skirts. In the foreground is a dog. The postcard is addressed to Colonel S Sapp, the brother of one of the posers, and alludes to the fact that in this year, 1909, there was an extra legislative session lasting until August 1909.

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Creation Date: 1909

Related Subjects: Old State Capitol Building, Olympia, WA, Thurston County, Marian Blankenship, Bernice Sapp, Gwyneth Knight, Bess Vincent, Mignonette Pearl Yeager, Miss Patterson, Miss Blomquist, Jean McLeod, women in business, dog, domestic, Colonel Speed Sapp, Washington State Legislature