[examination report of teletype from hijacking of Northwest Airlines flight 305]

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Catalog ID Number: 2013.5.23.4

Object Type: transcript,report

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curator report for examination of Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC) [attributed to] teletypewriter printout documenting communications between the flight crew of Northwest Airlines 305 and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, during the hijacking by Dan "DB" Cooper, d. Nov. 24, 1971. Paper is printed with TTY font. unredacted copy. Report identifies 30 different teletype sections in eight different time areas of the teletype radio communications (between 4:45 PM to 8:24 PM [PST]), not previously made public in the FBI released version of the ARINC transcript. report is 12 pages, media available online.

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Creator: Washington State Historical Society

Creation Date: Jan. 12, 2014

Related Subjects: Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated, D.B. Cooper, George Harrison, hijacking, Boeing 727, Northwest Airlines, report