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Catalog ID Number: 2014.15.16

Object Type: crumber

Full Description:
Crumber made by the Forbes Silver Co., 1894-ca. 1900. Consists of a) scoop and b) pan. Both are made of metal which are gray in color. The scoop has a turned wood handle which is painted black. It is to the scoop which consists of a partial plate with lon gstraight edge on one side. Decorated side is raised with three scallop areas bordered by row of ridges separated by pair of bands. Pan is decorated in same style. Stamped on back is round manufacturer mark with illustration of a bird with head raised.

Length 11 in Note: scoop
Width 3 in Note: scoop
Depth 2 in Note: scoop, height of handle
Length 9 in Note: pan
Width 6 in Note: pan
Depth 1 in Note: pan

Creation Date: 1894-ca. 1900

Related Subjects: housekeeping, cleaning