Laura Hall Peters collection

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A collection of digitized materials by and about Laura E. Hall Peters. Laura Hall was a Spiritualist and a Populist. In the early 1880s, she traveled around the state lecturing and organizing for the Good Templars. She was involved in the Woman's Christian Temperence Union. Like other Seattle Populists, Laura was part of the anti­Chinese activism in the 1880s that culminated in the 1885-­1886 riots. Another anti­Chinese activist, George Venable Smith, co­founded a utopian community, the Puget Sound Cooperative Colony. Laura Hall was the corresponding secretary for the colony as it gained momentum, and in 1887, she moved with other colony members to Port Angeles, the site designated for the utopian community. She became a member of the colony's first board of directors and editor of the colony paper, The Model Commonwealth. In 1888, Laura married another colonist, Charles Peters. When the Puget Sound Cooperative Colony morphed into a for­profit enterprise around 1888, the Peters left rather than be associated with the new ideology. However, they remained in Port Angeles. Laura Hall Peters was a long­time proponent of equal rights for women. She served as the president for the Port Angeles Equal Suffrage Club, and traveled the state lecturing and organizing Equal Suffrage Clubs in other communities. In 1896, 1898, and 1900, Laura served as the Clallam County delegate to the Populist state convention, fighting for women's suffrage amendments to be considered or passed. On January 11, 1902, Laura Peters died of cancer. Spiritualist minister Esther G. Thomas conducted her funeral, and she was buried in Ocean View Cemetery in Port Angeles. There are 230 scans from her scrapbook, most are of newspaper clippings. Also includes two diplomas from the Clallam County Horticultural Society, a photograph of the Puget Sound Cooperative Colony, Equal Suffrage Assocation ledger, and correspondence. See archivist for access.

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Related Subjects: Women's History Consortium, feminism, suffrage, women's, Women's Christian Temperance Union, Seattle, WA, spiritualism, Anti-Chinese movement, Puget Sound Cooperative Colony, Port Townsend, WA, Populism, Washington Equal Suffrage Association, Laura E. Hall Peters, George Venable Smith