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Catalog ID Number: 2007.52.69

Object Type: trophy

Full Description:
Trophy awarded to U.S. Post Office, Tacoma as Tacoma League Champions in 1930 for golf tournament. Trophy made by Wallace Trophy, no. V524A. Trophy base made of black plastic, large, round, with extended base. Silver plaque mounted on one side. Mounted on raised and indented top of base is long column with figure of man in golfing clothes (shirt and knickers) in swinging position with golf club posed over proper left shoulder. Decorated of three golf clubs attached to lower part of column and its inverted bell-shaped base.

Height 22 in
Diameter 9 in

Creation Date: 1930

Related Subjects: ceremonial artifact, U.S. Post Office, Tacoma, golfing, club, golf, Tacoma Golf League