[cartridge /hunting bag]

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Catalog ID Number: 1928.76.2

Object Type: bag, hunting,bag, ammunition

Full Description:
Hunting or ammunition bag made of leather, ca. 1850s. Handstitched bag is rectangular with large foldover flap closure. On front are two small pockets with a small flap that covers the pockets. Flap is decorated with two large X designs. The larger flap covers the smaller flap and both pockets. The larger flap also decorated with the large X design. Pieces of straps attached on bottom edge of the flap. The flat bottom has three buckles attached which would have coresponded straps attached to end of flap. Shoulder length carrying strap attached to either end of bag. The bag is noted to have been made of sheepskin and was noted as an "old sheepskin pouch" to go with the Cutler (Cutlar) gun.

Height 9 in
Width 14 in
Depth 3 in

Creation Date: 1850-1870

Related Subjects: Pig War, San Juan Island, armament, firearm, Lyman Cutler, Charles J. Griffin