[set of butter knive]

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Catalog ID Number: 2005.152.34

Object Type: knife, butter (set)

Full Description:
Set of five individual butter knifes (a-e), Lily silver pattern, (no. 1908), by Wm. Rogers & Son, ca. 1910. Made of metal; silver plated. All pieces are flat with expanded blade that curves to tip. Handle decorated with open lily flower in point of handle. At midsection in wide areas of stem are pair of lilies. Lily decoration extends onto upper side of blade. Underside of knife is slightly hollowed with slight embossed lily decoration in same places on handles. Stem juncture has three leaves.

Length 6 in
Width . 1 in
Depth . 0 in

Creation Date: ca. 1910

Related Subjects: food service T&E, lily, butter, Lily silver pattern