[Children of Joseph Conner]

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Catalog ID Number: C1948.64.80

Object Type: print, photographic,photograph, cabinet

Full Description:
Photographic Group portrait of three elderly women and one man, identified as the grown children of Joseph Conner, early pioneer in Thurston County. The man is sitting in a chair and wears a dark suit with white shirt, short hair, and a long beard. Two women kneel on either side of him. The woman on the left has wavy hair and wears a flower print dress. The one on the right has straight hair and wears a dark dress. A third woman stands behind the man. She has dark hair in bun and wears a dark dress with puffed sleeves. Studio backdrop.

Image height 6 in
Image width 4 in
Overall height 6 in
Overall width 4 in

Creation Date: 1880-1900

Call Number: C1948.64.80

Related Subjects: Milton Conner, Martha Conner Ellis Sapp, Alice Conner Gove, Jane Conner Klendennin, Martha Conner Ellis