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Catalog ID Number: 2006.5.8

Object Type: set, silverware

Full Description:
Set of silverware used by Northwest Orient Airlines and consisting of: a) knife; b) fork; c) spoon. Made of stainless steel, by International Silver Co. Silver colored, each with long and straight handles, squared and with molded logo, name, and continuing use of letters N, W, and O in two lines on both sides of handle. Handles of fork (6 7/8" long) and spoon (6 3/8" long) are curved at bottom of handle. Fork has four tapered tines. Spoon's bowl is oval shaped. Knife has straight back and curved and serrated cutting edge; rounded tip.

Length 7 in Note: knife
Width . 1 in Note: knife
Depth . 0 in Note: knife

Creation Date: 1960-1990?

Related Subjects: food service T&E, air travel, Northwest Orient Airlines