[double barrel, side-by-side shotgun]

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Catalog ID Number: 1928.76.1

Object Type: shotgun, double-barrel

Full Description:
Double barrel, side-by-side shotgun (a), with ramrod (b), manufacturer unknown, possibly English, 1850s. Shotgun is 10 gauge, muzzleloader, with 33 3/4" long twist barrel and percussion caps. It has a pair of outside percussion hammers, and walnut stock with raised area on top. On underside of stock is a shield made of silver tone metal. Wood fore edge has a pair of keys made of silver tone metal. On front is mounted a piece of metal that wraps around front, extends into a wide body, which in turn, tapers into double pointed sides with tail. Cross hatch chequering extends from mid section of 6the top of the grip, forms an X and extends along the triggerguard plate to app. 1" from shield. The lock plate and cock have lightly engraved floral designs. The top back of barrel and plate behind it each have spray like floral design on them. Floral design on back of plate behind this design. Diagonal twist on barrels is visible on exterior.

Length 50 in Note: overall length
Height 7 in Note: overall height
Width 2 in Note: overall width
Weight 10 pound
barrel length 34 in Note: barrel length
Length 33 in Note: length of ramrod

Creation Date: 1850s

Related Subjects: Pig War, San Juan Island, armament, firearm, Lyman Cutler, Charles J. Griffin