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Catalog ID Number: 2005.152.35

Object Type: teaspoon (set)

Full Description:
Set of six teaspoons (a-f), Cloeta silver pattern, by International Silver Co., 1904. Sterling silver with shallow oval shaped bowl, curved handle at center and at tip of handle. Tip of handle is somewhat oval in shape. Large leaf design with bunch of grapes extending toward tip that has additional leaves. Triple line border, some of which appear as vines with curled ends. Second bunch of grapes at wide spot on upper stem. Additional leaves at narrow point in handle and at top of bowl. Underside decorated with large leaves and vines on upper handle and smaller leaves above wide center section. Curled vines at top of bowl, top of stem, and on handle tip.

Length 6 in
Width . 1 in
Depth . 1 in

Creation Date: 1904

Related Subjects: food service T&E, Cloeta silver pattern, grape motif