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Title: ''Out to Win'': Prohibitionists of the State of Washington can win in 1912
Catalog Id: 1998.31.1.126
Call Number: EPH/979.7021/Ou8o/1912
Creator: Olin F. Fowler
Creation Date: 1912
Description: Political handbill related to Prohibition, 1 sheet; 17 cm., compiled by Olin F. Fowler, Tacoma, Wa., 1912.

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Title: "Proceedings of the first mass temperance convention of Western Washington"
Catalog Id: 1922.176.4
Call Number: EPH/178/W842p/1883
Creation Date: 1883
Description: "Proceedings of the first mass temperance convention (W.C.T.U.) of Western Washington," June 26, 27, and 28, 1883., King County, Seattle, Washington Territory, published by C. B. Bagley, book and job printer, Olympia 1883. 20 pages, 22 cm.; Cover title: ''Minutes of Temperance Convention... constitution and plan of work," welcome address and constitution and plan of work presented by Miss Frances E. Willard, National President of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Convention was opened by Mattie L. Hansee, president of the W.C.T.U. of Seattle.

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Title: "Vote Washington dry: Nov. 3, 1914"
Catalog Id: 1998.31.1.154
Call Number: EPH/178/V941v/1914
Creation Date: 1914
Description: 1 envelope: "Vote Washington dry: Nov. 3, 1914". Envelope is addressed to Mrs. H. A. Espy, Oysterville, Pacific County, Washington and stamped with: "W. C. T. U. Headquarters 3187 Arcade Bldg. Seattle, Wash." Printed on envelope the following text: "Crime, Disease, Insanity, and Delinquency attributed to alcohol in 1913 cost Washington $676,509 more than the total liquor revenue. Does it pay?" Note: envelope only, correspondence lacking.

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Title: [Busy Bees Loyal Temperance Legion at Whitman School, Tacoma]
Catalog Id: 1957.64.B12642
Call Number: Boland B12642
Creator: Marvin D. Boland
Creation Date: May 27, 1925
Description: nitrate and copy negatives and copy print, a large group of elementary age children and their teacher pose standing outside the Whitman School (1211 So. 40th St), Pierce County, Tacoma, Washington, Marvin Boland, photographer, May 27, 1925. The group includes both girls and boys. Four children standing in the left side of the front row hold a banner reading: "Busy Bees Loyal Temperance Legion" and three children in the right side of the front row hold a banner reading "Whitman." An African American boy is visible standing in the middle of the front row. One boy in the front row wears an "Uncle Sam" patriotic costume and a girl next to him wears a dress and hat decorated with large stars. The remaining children wear ordinary school clothing. Very little of the brick school building is visible. Note: Busy Bees Loyal temperance Legion group portrait forms the lower half of two group portraits showing Whitman School children (B12642 and B12642.5). The second group portrait (B12642.5) shows a smaller group of older children only holding a "Whitman" school pendant banner. The original negatives have been joined together with tape to form a single negative.

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Title: [campaign pin for E. Harold Munn]
Catalog Id: 1994.1.1289
Creation Date: 1963-1964
Description: Round, pin back, campaign button for presidential campaign of E. Harold Munn and [running mate] Shaw. On white background are two blue-toned pictures of Munn and Shaw in center with red and blue lettering above and red lettering below.

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Title: [campaign pin for Prohibition Party]
Catalog Id: 1994.1.955
Creation Date: 1976
Description: Round, pin-back button advertising the Prohibition Party. In center is drawing of a blue camel wearing dark sunglasses and with white saddle with blue lettering. Surrounding is red and blue lettering. Maker's information is printed on edge.

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Title: [campaign pin]
Catalog Id: 1994.1.1220
Creation Date: ca. 1900-1920
Description: An ax-shaped, political campaign pin. Ax has bronze-colored handle floral design and with mother-of-pearl head with small glass in diamond-like setting in center. This is attached to red/white/blue ribbon tied in an 'X'-shaped bow.

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Title: [collar stud/political premium]
Catalog Id: 2008.0.1630
Creator: Thomas Jay Gleason
Creation Date: 1892
Description: Collar stud/political premium made to support the 1892 presidential campaign of the Prohibition Party candidates, John Bidwell and James B. Cranfill. Made by Thos. Jay Gleason, New York City, NY. Made of silver tone metal with wider flat and round front and narrower and round back connected by short shank. Set into center of front button is piece of paper covered with celluloid. A round U.S. shield with white stars on a blue section with red and white striping below is printed at center. Names of candidates printed above and below. Printed in blue letters: Bidwell &/Cranfill. Manufacturer's name and address stamped on back of back button.

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Title: [Copalis Beach Clam Beds]
Catalog Id: 2006.0.313
Creation Date: 1951
Description: photographic print, Copalis Beach, Grays Harbor County, Washington ocean view showing directional signs, relating to razor clam beds and harvest limits, and the prohibition of automobile travel over clam beds, dated 1951. Several automobiles visible parked on the beach sand. Sign reads: "24 razor clams per digger, State of Wash Dept. of Fisheries."

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Title: [Elmer Plumb in his store]
Catalog Id: 2013.6.8
Creation Date: ca. 1933
Description: Photograph of an elderly man, identified as Elmer Plumb of Olympia, WA, Thurston County, proprietor of a cigar store. We are looking past an open door down the center of a long and narrow room. At the right of the room is a long cabinet, running the length of the room. A display case holds Dentyne chewing gum and othe unidentified products. On the wall behind the cabinet are shelves with boxes stacked on them. Mr. Plumb is standing behind the long cabinet. He is elderly and bald, with a mustache. Two low cylindrical trash containers are on the floor at the foot of the cabinet. At the far end of the cabinet is a candy container and other unidentified objects. Standing at the far end of the room is a young man, dressed in a suit and a hat, leaning on the counter. To the left of the room in the far back is a wooden keg, with bottles in a box on it. The left wall of the room has a door in the foreground and two windows that are mostly covered with shades, although some light is let in. Note: the similarity between the light fixtures in this room and the cigar store in image 2013.6.7, as well as other indicia, suggest this may be a speakeasy. Mr. Plumb was a member of the pioneer Plumb family of Thurston County and tended bar before opening his cigar store.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 92 records matching your search criteria.