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Title: "Thank God All Mighty, home at last!" - the settlers erect shelter at Bush Prairie near what is now Olympia, Washington, November 1845.
Catalog Id: C1973.27.1
Creation Date: 1973
Description: One of a series of five paintings by Jacob Lawrence depicting the George Washington Bush party traveling to Oregon. Gouache on board. This panel illustrates people working to construct shelters in their new home. This is the fifth panel of the series. The artist intended the panels to be hung with the first panel on the right to indicate travel from east to west.

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Title: ["William Owen Bush" with agricultural products]
Catalog Id: C2016.0.89
Creation Date: 1890-1910
Description: Photograph of William Owen Bush, or a manipulated image of him, of Tumwater, WA, Thurston County with a display of agricultural products, at an unknown location. The bulk of the photograph is a large display room. A tall cabinet at the rear is filled with grains. Above the cabinet is a placard reading Thurston County W.O. Bush Cereal Exhibit. Standing on the cabinet also is a stuffed owl and another stuffed bird. Deer heads and antlers are mounted on the wall. A stuffed bald eagle is mounted on a pillar in the center of the room. On a table are jars full of fruits and nuts. In the foreground is a table with recessed boxes, one of which holds the 1890 Whitham and Page promotional map of Olympia, WA, Thurston County. Another placard at the rear wall brags about the many awards received for Thurston County agriculture. Behind the display table is a young man, unidentified. To the right of the photograph stands an elderly man identified on a mounting inscription as William Owen Bush. He has white hair and a full white beard and mustache. He is wearing a three-piece suit. The photograph appears to have been manipulated in some way, because the agricultural displays and part of the floor can be seen through his clothing. In addition, black ink has been applied to the area behind his head to create the illusion of a shadow. William Owen Bush was the son of pioneer mixed-race George [Washington] Bush. He was a renowned farmer and state legislator.

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Title: [Album page - 10 photos of Bush family farm]
Catalog Id: C2016.0.90
Creation Date: 1895-1915
Description: Album page containing ten photographs featuring descendants of Thurston County pioneer George Washington and Isabella Bush and their farm. Photographs are catalogued individually.

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Title: [Belle Bush Gaston]
Catalog Id: C1950.3.101
Creator: Agnes M. Price
Creation Date: 1885-1910
Description: Photograph, waist length, of a young woman, identified as Belle Bush (later Gaston), of Olympia, WA, Thurston County, daughter of William Owen Bush and granddaughter of George Washington Bush. She is wearing a white dress with full sleeves and a corsage. Her heir is pulled into a high chignon, and she has a necklace and earrings.

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Title: [Bush Family Photograph Album]
Catalog Id: 2010.70.1
Call Number: Photo Album
Creation Date:
Description: photograph album, 34 pages, containing portraits (some unidentified) related to various members of the William Owen Bush Family, who lived in Bush Prairie, near Tumwater, Thurston County, Washington. Note: pages 29-34 lack prints.

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Title: [Detail of painting in progress]
Catalog Id: C1973.27.7.8
Creation Date: 1972
Description: Color slide. Photograph of a detail of partially completed the George Washington Bush series by Jacob Lawrence (C1973.27.3).

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Title: [Detail of partially completed painting, George Washington Bush series]
Catalog Id: C1973.27.7.28
Creation Date: 1972
Description: Color slide. Photograph, detail of a partially completed painting by Jacob Lawrence. Panel 3 of the George Washington Bush series, C1973.27.3.

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Title: [fanning mill, Bush family farm]
Catalog Id: C2016.0.90.4
Creation Date: 1895-1915
Description: Photograph of a fanning mill, identified as on the Bush family farm, originally settled by George [Washington] and Isabella Bush, pioneers of Thurston County. It is a large wooden machine, designed to separate impurities from grain prior to storage. It is sitting in a field or yard. A building can be seen behind it. This is one of 10 photographs affixed to an album page featuring the family and farm of pioneer George and Isabella Bush and their farm.

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Title: [fanning mill]
Catalog Id: C1953.393.1
Creation Date: 1850-1880
Description: Large wooden "box" with screens, wheel, lever and gear to process wheat and other grains, rough hewn, unfinished wood. Used by George Washington Bush, 1850-1880, in Olympia, WT.

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Title: [George Washington Bush's house]
Catalog Id: 2011.154.1
Creation Date: 1969
Description: Oil painting on canvas covered board by Maxine Anderson. The subject is George Washington Bush's house on Bush Prairie, Olympia, WA. The house is in very poor condition with no windows or siding and some collapsing areas. The house sits in a field with yellow flowering shrubs. Painted in 1969, just before the house was torn down.

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