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Title: "Blockhouse - Garrison Bay"
Catalog Id: 1992.0.361
Creation Date: 1968
Description: Depicts blockhouse on Garrison Bay, San Juan Islands in foregrounds, with surrounding building and landscape in background.

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Title: [bumper sticker commemorating the Pig War Centennial]
Catalog Id: 2006.12.16
Creation Date: 1972
Description: Bumper sticker commemorating the Pig War Centennial in the San Juan Islands. Mad eof paper with brown paper backing. On front is blue lettering against white background. d On right corner is triangular cut of U.S. flag against triangular cut of Union Jack (British flag).

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Title: [cartridge /hunting bag]
Catalog Id: 1928.76.2
Creation Date: 1850-1870
Description: Hunting or ammunition bag made of leather, ca. 1850s. Handstitched bag is rectangular with large foldover flap closure. On front are two small pockets with a small flap that covers the pockets. Flap is decorated with two large X designs. The larger flap covers the smaller flap and both pockets. The larger flap also decorated with the large X design. Pieces of straps attached on bottom edge of the flap. The flat bottom has three buckles attached which would have coresponded straps attached to end of flap. Shoulder length carrying strap attached to either end of bag. The bag is noted to have been made of sheepskin and was noted as an "old sheepskin pouch" to go with the Cutler (Cutlar) gun.

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Title: [commemorative token for Pig War]
Catalog Id: 1981.118.16
Creation Date: 1972
Description: Round, silver-colored token commemorating the centennial anniversary of the settlement of the Pig War. Token encased in piece of rectangular, clear plastic. Front side of coin has image of battlefied with embossed lettering above. Back side has flaglike image with embossed lettering below. Also encased is small, rectangular metal piece with black lettering.

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Title: [double barrel, side-by-side shotgun]
Catalog Id: 1928.76.1
Creation Date: 1850s
Description: Double barrel, side-by-side shotgun (a), with ramrod (b), manufacturer unknown, possibly English, 1850s. Shotgun is 10 gauge, muzzleloader, with 33 3/4" long twist barrel and percussion caps. It has a pair of outside percussion hammers, and walnut stock with raised area on top. On underside of stock is a shield made of silver tone metal. Wood fore edge has a pair of keys made of silver tone metal. On front is mounted a piece of metal that wraps around front, extends into a wide body, which in turn, tapers into double pointed sides with tail. Cross hatch chequering extends from mid section of 6the top of the grip, forms an X and extends along the triggerguard plate to app. 1" from shield. The lock plate and cock have lightly engraved floral designs. The top back of barrel and plate behind it each have spray like floral design on them. Floral design on back of plate behind this design. Diagonal twist on barrels is visible on exterior.

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Title: [Pickett Marker on San Juan Island]
Catalog Id: 2007.133.147
Call Number: 2007.133.147
Creation Date: ca. 1920
Description: View of historical marker on San Juan Island. Inscription on one side: First Officer in charge was Captain George E. Pickett of Ninth U.S. Infantry. Inscription on another side: As arbitrator, William __, Emperor of Germany, Decided the San Juan case, Oct. 21, 1872.

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Title: Employees Centralia: Saturday, June 15th, 1889
Catalog Id: 1997.1.95
Call Number: EPH/385.061/N811e/1889
Creator: Northern Pacific Railroad
Creation Date: Jun. 15, 1889
Description: 1 folded sheet; 14cm.; ''Programme'' detailed inside, including tug of war. races. long jump, greased pig race. Ephemera.

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Title: Finding aid for Royle, William Henry papers, MsSC 211A
Catalog Id: 2009.5.18
Call Number: MsSC 211A
Creation Date: Sep. 30, 2009,Sep. 30, 2009
Description: Finding aid for William Henry Royle papers, MsSC 211A. Abstract: Willam Henry Royle, (1836-?), was a private in the United States Army, D Company, 9th Infantry, stationed at Fort Bellingham Bay and Camp Pickett, San Juan Islands, Washington Territory, during the 1859-1860, during the period of the “Pig War.” Scope and content: The papers consist of six letters written by Royle to his mother, Elizabeth Royle in Providence, RI. The letters document his experiences, in 1858 at Fort Bellingham Bay, Washington Territory, and in 1860 at Camp Pickett in the San Juan Islands. The letters discuss the activities of the troops, his perspectives on daily life and operations at the camp, the isolation of Washington Territory, his impressions of the landscape and environment, speculation about a war with the Mormons, California gold seekers, descriptions of multiple encounters and one skirmish with the Indians, and remembrances of his family in Providence, RI. Royle’s homesickness and longing for his family are pervasive. Nearly every letter includes a sentimental poem by Royle. A transcription of the letters in their entirety, exactly as written, is included. Inclusive dates: 1858, 1860. Restrictions: None Volume: .3 l.f. Accession number: 2007.35 The complete aid is available for download as a PDF file, in the section 'related media.'

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Title: The Pig War and other experiences of William Peck: soldier 1858-1862, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, San Juan Islands, Washington Territory : the journal of William A. Peck, Jr.
Catalog Id: 2004.50.137
Call Number: 979./77403/P344p/1993
Creation Date: c1993
Description: 236 p.; ill., maps; 21 cm.; Includes bibliographical references and index

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Title: The Pig War: standoff at Griffin Bay
Catalog Id: 2004.50.138
Call Number: 979./77403/V945p/1999
Creation Date: c1999
Description: 273 p.; ill., map; 21 cm.; Includes bibliographical references (p. 250-263) and index

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