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Title: [baton]
Catalog Id: 1922.187.12
Creator: Northwest Coast culture area
Creation Date: 1890-1920
Description: Baton, Northwest Coast culture area, Kwakiutl (?), 1890-1920. Handmade and carved of a single piece of hard brown wood. Cylindrical in form, the top is wider than the lower end. It tapers slightly in grip area. Carved on top is Northwest coast animal, possibly a dogfish (?), with large ears, long curved black eye brows, wide mouth, long wings or fins, and tail. The design wraps around club end. At back there are a series of green painted dashes between the back of the wings. Formline is black; eye sockets are green, with nostrils, and some U forms and areas around ovoids in turquoise blue. Large black round spot between brows. Upper end has diagonal lines carved to make band of alternating black and green sections. Lower end is undecorated and has slight band at end of handle.

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Title: [beaded drumstick]
Catalog Id: C1942.670.13
Creator: Plains culture area
Creation Date: 1890s
Description: Drumstick, Plains culture area / Sioux, 1890s. Long wood haft is covered with cloth which in turn is covered with all colors of small glass beads. Beater is long and narrow, with beads applied in lazy stitch. A short band of fringe made of worked skin is at bottom of beater. The haft is covered with tan and red cloth which in turn, is covered with spiral of beads. At lower end, there is attached additional fringe.

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Title: [bird rattle]
Catalog Id: C2008.0.123
Creator: Joe David
Creation Date: 1980s?
Description: Rattle, made by Joe David, Northwest Coast culture area / Nuu-chah-nulth, 1980s?. Handmade and carved of light brown wood and carved in two pieces in the shape of a bird, possibly a woodpecker. The bird has an outstretched neck that ends if head with downward curving beak and flange on back of head. A small white seed bead set into the eye. A row of white beads extends down either side of neck. The round body parts are held together with light tan colored string. The handle is round with a flat knob on the end. There are brown tacks inserted into top and bottom. Pebbles or some other small objects placed inside rattle.

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Title: [bundle of braided sweet grass]
Catalog Id: 2011.1.165
Creation Date: 2000-2007?
Description: Bundle of braided sweet grass to use for ceremonies, probably for Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, 2000-2007? Thick clumps of grass braided and then knotted to narrow tip.

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Title: [ceremonial feather]
Catalog Id: 2011.1.166
Creation Date: 2000-2007?
Description: Ceremonial feather probably used in conjunction with the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial activities, 2000-2007? Large dark brown feather (turkey) with smaller white feather placed against it. Attached and tied with tan colored raffia at base of the feathers are several small fathers, including a black/white dotted one and an iridescent black and green one. Several weeds, resembling sage, cedar, and wheat (?) are gathered into raffia also.

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Title: [Chilkat blanket]
Catalog Id: 1989.0.62
Creator: Tlingit (?)
Creation Date: ca. 1900
Description: Chilkat blanket, northern Northern Northwest Coast, Tlingit/Tsimshian (?), ca. 1900. Woven wool with long fringe of cedar bark and grayish wool, and made in abstract Chilkat blanket design. Made of cedar bark and mountain goat wool. Warps are 8 per inch; weft, 16 per inch. Tied off corner finish.

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Title: [Chilkat blanket]
Catalog Id: 1993.0.1180
Creator: North American Indian
Creation Date: late 19th century
Description: Chilkat dancing blanket, Tlingit/Tsimshian, late 19th century. Handmade of wool and cedar bark, the blanket is rectangular with V shaped lower edge. Long fringes of wool wrapped with cedar bark hang from the lower edge. Design in Northwest Coast formline design, possibly of a bear. It is made with two strand twining. Along top there is a band of black diagonal twining below the upper edge. Outer edges are wrapped with long overlapping strands of wool and cedar bark. The lower ends are wrapped in four sections in alternating off-white and brown wrappings. The overall design has off-white and brown / black borders. The formline design has a face just above center. Large U forms in brown yarn are on either side. Inside are salmon trout head forms and smaller U forms. The outer sections have U forms in a brown to black formlines.

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Title: [Daffodil Festival cape/robe]
Catalog Id: 1998.8.32
Creation Date: 1950s?
Description: Long purple cape with very wide (6 1/2") fan shaped collar. Collar has been stiffened to enable it to stand up. No fasteners. Gathered at shouder line. Hem has been turned up 4" and sewn by hand. Original data states that the cape was possibly worn by Cindy Kovalenko, Sumner, WA, Daffodil Festival Queen in 1981. Upon display at the 2012 Daffodil Festival luncheon, it was thought the cape was from an earlier time, during the 1950s.

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Title: [dance fan]
Catalog Id: 2019.0.233
Creator: North American Indian
Creation Date: 1900-1950?
Description: Feather fan, Southwest culture area / Apache ?, ca. 1900-1950? Handmade of group of twelve brown/white feathers (turkey?) that have yellow ochre applied to them. The feathers shafts are set into wood and leather base that is triangular. A wood dowel extends down to serve as handle. The areas are covered with glass beads applied in lazy stitch and wrapping. Predominant color is white with bands in dark blue, red, and greasy yellow. There are nine dark blue diagonal lines extending from one side toward feathers. The opposite side is made of yellow ochre covered skin with a white bead circle intersected by four lines. The handle is wrapped in white beads that have bands of drk blue, greasy yellow and red beads. Borders in same colors and light blue beads form triangular design. At the end of the handle are long leather fringes that are stained with the ochre and decorated with young silver metal beads. Also attached are six feathers that are trimmed with zigzags along shaft and into diamond shapes at top. Also attached is a length of black horsehair with the upper section wrapped in skin tat is decorated with the same color bands as the handle. There is a separate fringe hanging down one side. Original information notes: Apache man's fan of Indian territory

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Title: [dance fan]
Catalog Id: 1993.0.1685
Creator: Plains culture area (?)
Creation Date: ca. 1900-1920?
Description: Dance fan, Plains culture area (?), ca. 1900-1920? Handmade by assembling numerous long brown feathers together. The feathers are long and slightly pointed at tips, possibly eagle wing feathers? They are held together with a U shaped leather piece that is gray and with pieces held with leather thongs. On lowest end, the shafts are wrapped with gray leather thongs.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 62 records matching your search criteria.