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Title: [2011 Daffodil Festival Queen's gown]
Catalog Id: 2013.55.1
Creation Date: 2010-2011
Description: 2011 Daffodil Festival Queen's gown worn by Claire Flemming of Curtis High School. Maker unknown; size unknown. Gown is white, with beaded embellishment on bodice. Dress is fully lined with white cloth and has built-in bra. Bodice is straight across chest and dips down slightly in back; it has undulating waistline above a ballgown style skirt. Bodice made of white satin that is covered with netting that is embellished with white and silver beads of various types that accent the white tape and stitching that is sewn in an undulating/floral motif. On the inside, there are stays. Wide white satin shoulder straps covered with chiffon are attached on either side of top of bodice. The straps are decorated with bead/sequin decorations. There is a long zipper extending down back. Skirt is full with netting overskirt that is decorated with scattered bead/sequin decorations. On hemline on lower proper right front is a round brooch with a flower accent composed of rhinestones. White satin ties extend from brooch.

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Title: [2017 Daffodil Festival pin], Daffodil Paradise
Catalog Id: 2017.3.7
Creation Date: 2017
Description: Pin advertising the 2017 Daffodil Festival, Pierce County, WA. Made in China for PinProsPlus, Kaysville, UT. Made of gold tone metal with two post backings with black plastic fasteners. Pin is rectangular with top edge following outline of palm trees depicted in enameled scene. Two palm trees with dark green leaves are on an island with water in front. A large yellow is to the left. A hammock is strung between the two trees. Date and theme (Daffodil Paradise) of festival are in orange; name of festival in gold color.

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Title: [candy daffodil]
Catalog Id: 2009.4.5
Creation Date: 2009
Description: Candy daffodil sold as fundraising item by the Daffodil (Festival) Scholarship Foundation, 2009. Chocolate daffodil candy made by Gosanko Chocolate Arts, Auburn, WA, 2009. Candy is 1.5 ounces, molded in shape of a daffodil and wrapped in in gold foil paper and attached to narrow wood dowel on lower end. Candy wrapped in clear cellophane bag tied with green satin ribbon Label affixed to back of back.

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Title: [City of Tacoma float, Daffodil Parade, Tacoma, ca. 1965]
Catalog Id: 1998.8.71
Call Number: PHOTO-A/1998.8.71
Creation Date: ca. 1965
Description: Color, close oblique angle photographic image ot the City of Tacoma float in the Daffodil Festival Parade on Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, ca. 1965. Sign on the float: Lindy's Magnificient Moment 1927. Four women, wearing clear plastic raincoats, holding clear plastic umbrellas, sit on the float. A model of the Statue of Liberty is on the back of the flat. A model airplane, with sign: Spirit of St. Louis, is on the middle of the float. A sparse crowd of men women and children, some holding umbrellas, is on the sidewalk in the background. The street is wet. People watch the parade from upper story windows in the background. Business signs in background, from left to right: Bank of California; Crown Drugs; Cameras; Horluck's Ice Creams; Cigars; United Mutual Savings Bank. Two men in the basket of a crane are visible above the street in image right.

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Title: [commemorative pin for the Daffodil Festival]
Catalog Id: 2015.87.10
Creation Date: 2015
Description: Commemorative pin for the 2015 Daffodil Festival, 2015. Made in China for Pin is made of silver tone metal with two post backs and squeeze fasteners. Pin is square with upper left corner cut out. Enameled surface of pin is black with illustration of the Earth at upper right and yellow daffodil at lower left. Silver dots on upper section indicate stars. In raised silver letters on surface through middle: Shine / your Light / with Service / The 2015 / Daffodil / Festival

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Title: [commemorative pin from Daffodil Festival]
Catalog Id: 2016.24.182
Creator: Taiwan
Creation Date: 1990
Description: Commemorative pin from Daffodil Festival, 1990. Oval shaped pin is made of gold color metal with enamel and butterfly clutch and post backing. Pin has illustration of yellow daffodil with green fields and Mount Rainier. Around perimeter is: 1990 DAFFODIL FESTIVAL/ PUGET SOUND ON PARADE Stamped on reverse: TAIWAN

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Title: [Daffodil Festival booster pin for 1969]
Catalog Id: 2015.27.3
Creation Date: 1969
Description: Daffodil Festival Booster pin for 1969 Daffodil Festival; manufactured by Evergreen Plastics, Tacoma, WA. Made of dark green plastic with round center and added band at top and bottom edges. At center in three dimension is yellow plastic daffodil flower. Printed in white letters on top band: Daffodil 1969 Festival. Printed in white letters on lower band: Booster. With pin fastener attached to back.

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Title: [Daffodil Festival cape]
Catalog Id: 1998.8.30
Creation Date: 1956-1957
Description: Long dark yellow velvet cape lined with dark green satin designed by Fabrics by Roy, 1956-1957 and first worn by Queen Janice Methven, Lincoln High School, Tacoma, WA in 1957. Very wide and curved velvet collar is stiffened with a narrow metal piece inserted around the outer edge. Further stiffening is provided by nine flat pieces of metal (?) placed from neck to outer edge and spaced 1 1/2" apart. A long yellow velvet cord is sewn under collar at back of neck and extends down each side. A long pale yellow grosgrain ribbon is sewn into the back of the neck and used to tie the cape in place. Pale yellow fabric label embroidered with green embroidery thread, "Fabrics by Roy" is sewn on left edge of lining.

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Title: [Daffodil Festival cape/robe]
Catalog Id: 1998.8.32
Creation Date: 1950s?
Description: Long purple cape with very wide (6 1/2") fan shaped collar. Collar has been stiffened to enable it to stand up. No fasteners. Gathered at shouder line. Hem has been turned up 4" and sewn by hand. Original data states that the cape was possibly worn by Cindy Kovalenko, Sumner, WA, Daffodil Festival Queen in 1981. Upon display at the 2012 Daffodil Festival luncheon, it was thought the cape was from an earlier time, during the 1950s.

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Title: [Daffodil Festival gown, 1965]
Catalog Id: 1998.8.41
Creation Date: 1965
Description: Daffodil Festival gown worn by Kay Bryson, Sumner High School, 1965. Long, off-white, sleeveless lace dress with plain bodice and 1 1/4" wide shoulder straps. Off-white colored underskirt of synthetic fabric with netting overskirt with lace tiers. First tier is 25" long with 5 more tiers of 6" wide gathered lace. Panel of 10 tiers sewn horizontaly on netting from waist down back of skirt. 1 1/2" wide off-white, satin-like ribbon at waist with flat bow and 31" streamers in back.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 123 records matching your search criteria.