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Title: "Chafing Dish Party - Mrs. C. Presiding"
Catalog Id: 2010.0.362.7
Call Number: photo lot 225, Album p. 7
Creation Date: ca. 1895
Description: photographic print in album, Group of two men and five women are seated around the dining room table of the "C." Family residence, Tacoma, Wa., undated ca. 1895. A woman at the end of the table (identified as Mrs. C.) serves food (possibly soup) from a large chafing pot. Other guests are eating or drinking and one man seated at the far right pours a beverage (possibly some type of soda drink) from a large bottle. A bird cage is partially visible in the background. One of a series of prints in the "C." family album. Handwritten caption on photograph: "Chafing Dish Party - Mrs. C. Presiding"

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Title: "Dinner at Camp"
Catalog Id: 1943.42.8402
Call Number: Curtis 8402; album 95, p.33
Creator: Asahel Curtis
Creation Date: Aug. 1, 1907
Description: glass plate negative and black and white photographic print in album, a large group of Mountaineers line up for dinner at camp on a expedition to the Olympic Mountains, in Washington State; Asahel Curtis, photographer, August 1, 1907. The group of (most likely from Seattle) Mountaineers includes both women and men. Some of the men and women are seated on the ground eating, while others stand in line waiting to be served food. The exact location of the camp is not indicated. One of series of Curtis images related to a mountaineering trip to the Olympic Peninsula and Mountain Range (Elwha River and upper Hoh River Valley areas) in August 1907.

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Title: "Dinner on the Plains"
Catalog Id: 1963.
Call Number: Downing Sketchbook page 9
Creation Date: ca. 1873
Description: ink drawing, titled "Dinner on the Plains." A group of four men (survey officers) are shown seated at a dinner table in a large tent, while a dog waits nearby. Two of the men seated in the tent wear U. S. Army military uniforms. The four men are identified in a caption as: Louis Chaument?, Lt. F. V. Greene? (U. S. Engineer), A. Downing, and Lt. Alexander (7th Cavalry). A man (identified as "Hersey" in the caption) is shown carrying a large platter and container of hot food towards the officers tent. Tents, wagons, mules, and a dog with a bone are visible in the background and other men are shown standing outside eating at long tables. The location of the camp site is not supplied (most likely on a large plain or prairie in Dakota Territory near the Saskatchewan Canada and North Dakota border), undated , ca. 1873. The survey camp site (series of tents and wagons) is visible nearby. Located on page 9 of sketchbook and one of a series of approximately 145 drawings (pencil and water color) in a bound sketchbook by Alfred Downing. The illustration documents the U. S. Northern Boundary Survey Expedition of 1873-1874.

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Title: "Guemes Island Grange Hall"
Catalog Id: 1984.56.1
Call Number: Photograph Lot 037
Creation Date: 1914
Description: photographic print, a large group of people (men, women and children) sit at two tables eating some type of celebratory dinner inside the Guemes Island Grange Hall, Skagit County, Washington, 1914. Four men and three women stand along one wall. Two of the women who are wearing aprons, are probably working as cooks or servers. A baby resting a carriage is visible in the foreground. The names "Vinton, Paul, and Julian" are written in ink on the surface of the print. A calender and garlands of greenery and draped fabric decorate the walls of the grange hall. The print is mounted on a backing board.

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Title: "Katie and Christine at Camp - The Meadows, Mt. Baker"
Catalog Id: 2010.75.5
Creation Date: 1915
Description: Black and white close image of Catherine V. (nee Zaremba) Herberg (8 August 1892-August 1980)) and Christina C. (nee Carlson) Kingsley (21 April 1897-September 1981), wearing skirts and blouses, sitting at a table, looking at the photographer, in camp at a meadow on Mt. Baker, Whatcom County, WA, 1915. One holds an eating utensil to her mouth. Two cooking pans are overturned on the ground. A tent is in photo right. (Christine Carlson married Mathias R. Kingsley in Bellingham, 29 August 1917. Catherine Zaremba married Charles F. Herberg in Bellingham, 2 June 1917).

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Title: "Side Camp "b" at Devils Corral, Snake River"
Catalog Id: 1963.
Call Number: Downing Sketchbook page 21
Creation Date: 1877
Description: ink drawing, titled: "Side Camp "b" at Devils Corral, Snake River" " Aug. 15, 1877" Idaho Territory. View of small survey camp located in southern Idaho Territory at a scenic rocky outcrop area known as "Devils Corral" (located near the north rim of the Snake River Canyon, in Jerome County, Idaho). Camp fire and men are shown eating food spread on top of a blanket in an open area surrounded by rocky cliffs. Mules are visible grazing in the background. Smaller caption note reads: "thermometer at 9 p.m. 90 degrees, abode of rattlesnakes, black lizards, and scorpions." Located on page 21 of sketchbook and one of a series of approximately 145 drawings (pencil and water color) in a bound sketchbook by Alfred Downing. The illustration documents the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Wheeler survey expedition of 1877.

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Title: [A. L. Brown Farm Cook House Dining Room]
Catalog Id: 1943.42.28204
Call Number: Curtis 28204
Creator: Asahel Curtis
Creation Date: Sep. 3, 1913
Description: glass plate negative and photographic print, interior view of the A. L. Brown Farm Cook House dining room, Sherlock, Thurston County, Washington. A large group of farm workers (men of varying ages) sit on benches at long tables eating. A woman wearing an apron and a man wearing an apron and chef hat stand in the background. Asahel Curtis, photographer, September 3, 1913. One of a large series of photographs related to the A. L. Brown Farm.

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Title: [baby spoon]
Catalog Id: 2013.113.76
Creator: Rogers Company
Creation Date: 1920
Description: Small spoon believed to be a baby spoon, made by Rogers Company, with patent date of 1920; Cardinal pattern. Spoon is silver plated with large, oval-shaped and shallow bowl and short handle. Handle is slightly curved. Handle widens toward end where it is notched on sides with triangular point. Manufacturer information on back of stem.

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Title: [bowl or saucer]
Catalog Id: 2010.142.10
Creator: Maastricht Pottery Company
Creation Date: 1891-1931
Description: Shallow bowl or possibly a saucer made by Petrus Regout & Co./the Maaastricht Pottery Company, 1891-1931. Ceramic; glazed with flow blue pattern "Atlanta." With base rim, curved sides and slight rolled rim edge. Exterior has cloudy blue/white glazing. Interior has repeating design of large scroll forms in light blue alternating with smaller forms with dark blue background Dark blue scalloped design along rim edge. At center the ends of the pattern on the sides create a multi-pointed star effect in the white glazing. Dish measures 6 1/4" across open space. Partial manufacturer's mark in dark blue on base with illustration of sphinx sitting on rectangle. Name of pattern below rectangle. Location of manufacture printed below pattern name.

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Title: [bread and butter plate]
Catalog Id: 2013.113.46
Creator: Japan
Creation Date: 1920-1940
Description: Bread and butter sized plate made in Japan, ca. 1920-1940. Plate has Blue Willow ceramic pattern. Plate is round with recessed foot rim. Sides extend up at a slant above curve around center. Underside is glazed and white and undecorated. Upper surface is decorated with dark blue illustration at center of pagoda style building with trees around it on right side and smaller buildings, boat, and illustraiton of three human figures walking on bridge to a small building on left. At center two are a pair of birds with outstretched wings. Rim edge is decorated with series of circles with blue dot centers. Remainder of rim edge has repeating design of curlicues and foliage like forms with background of diamond forms with blue dot offcenter in each. Stamped in black letters on center of base: Japan.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 95 records matching your search criteria.