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Title: "Elma, ideal home city of Southwestern Washington: commercial center of the Chehalis Valley"
Catalog Id: 1959.150.102
Call Number: EPH/979.795/EL61el/1909
Creation Date: [ca. 1909]
Description: promotional brochure, titled: "Elma, ideal home city of Southwestern Washington: commercial center of the Chehalis Valley," Grays Harbor County, Washington, published by the Elma Commercial Club, ca. 1909, 4 pages, includes illustrations, folded panoramic photo of Elma attached to inside back cover

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Title: [commemorative plate], Morning
Catalog Id: 1999.83.32
Creation Date: 1900-1940
Description: Commemorative/souvenir plate made of white porcelain, round, large and round raised bae rim. Sides curve up slightly to scalloped edging. Round painted decal at center of Indian infant wrapped in green blanket and placed in rectangular brown wood cradle which is raised up. Around image are gilded half-circles with spoke interiors and extensions. Sides have color decal of three bunches of pink roses and green flowers. Scalloped edge is gilded with speckled finish and embossed floral/curlicue design.

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Title: [Edward L. Minard]
Catalog Id: C2015.0.109
Creator: Moore (photographer)
Creation Date: ca. 1900
Description: Photographic portrait, head and shoulders, of a young man identified as Edward L. Minard, who was deputy county auditor for Thurston County, and a merchant in Elma, WA, Grays Harbor County. His hair is parted on the side and he has an abundant mustache. He is wearing a suit with white shirt and white tie.

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Title: [Elma football]
Catalog Id: C1986.
Creation Date: 1966
Description: 11 Photographic negatives of football players, identified as members of the Elma High School, Elma, WA, Grays Harbor County football team

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Title: [Emly family Thanksgiving]
Catalog Id: C1945.191.8
Call Number: C1945.191.8
Creation Date: 1900-1915
Description: Photographic group portrait at a dining room table with 6 men, 5 women, 4 children, large dining table with white table cloth and a lot of food, identified as members of the Emly and Deming family. The people are sitting and standing along one side of the table. The men wear suits and ties. Women wear white blouses and dark skirts. There are several prints and photographs on the wall. There is a clock on a shelf. Several dolls sit on top of an icebox (?) covered with a lace doily. There is a tall china cabinet filled with china.

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Title: [Giant log, Simpson camp]
Catalog Id: C2013.18.97
Creation Date: 1890-1918
Description: Photographic postcard of a giant log, from the Simpson Lumber Company camp near Elma, WA, Grays Harbor County. The dimensions are given as 120 inches around at the top, and 150 around at the base, with a length of 24 feet. The trunk is lying on its side and at the base it is split, with multiple small pieces of timber protruding from the split. The inscription on the reverse explains that the tree was so large it had to be felled by dynamite.

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Title: [Helmi Juvonen]
Catalog Id: C1984.29.27
Call Number: Photo A / C1984.29.27
Creation Date: Sep. 1983
Description: Black and white exterior portrait of Helmi Juvonen, sitting in a chair, showing her upper torso as she looks down at a kitten cradled in her arms, Elma, Grays Harbor County, WA, Sept. 1983. She wears a sweater with a cable stitch pattern, and a wristwatch.

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Title: [IOOF trophy with names of lodges in southwest Washington]
Catalog Id: 1998.22.134
Creation Date: 1908
Description: Trophy made by the Barbour Silver Co., 1908 and used by the lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in southwest Washington State, including the cities of Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Oakville, Olympia, and Elma. Trophy made of metal, quadruple plated. It has a round bowl with handles extending straight out from rim and curving down to stop at bottom of tapering stem that finishes in a small raised round base on a larger round raised base with ribbed edge. Ribs also found on outer edge of handles.

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Title: [Loggers Eating Lunch Near Elma]
Catalog Id: 2011.17.1
Call Number: 2011.17.1
Creation Date: ca. 1910
Description: Black and white image of 7 loggers, interrupted by the photographer while eating lunch, seated on logs and at the base of a donkey engine near Elma, Grays Harbor County, WA, ca. 1910. Two are holding lunch pails, and some hold food in their hands.

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Title: [Loggers near Elma, WA]
Catalog Id: 2018.2.24
Call Number: 2018.2.24
Creation Date: ca. 1910
Description: Black and white photograph take near Elma, Grays Harbor County, WA circa 1910. The image shows a group of eight loggers and a dog posing on a large log in the forest. The man standing third from the left holds a wicker covered jug in one hand. The man sitting fifth from the left hold a pipe. Three axes are stuck into the log and a crosscut saw rests against another log on the lower right. Edward Nolan Collection.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 60 records matching your search criteria.