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Title: "Carstens' Washington pure lard cook book: embracing tested and practical recipes"
Catalog Id: 1997.1.128
Call Number: EPH/641.5/C239c/1908
Creator: Carstens Packing Co.
Creation Date: ca. 1908
Description: 53 page illustrated cookbook, "Carstens' Washington pure lard cook book: embracing tested and practical recipes" includes recipes featuring pure lard, compliments of the Carstens Packing Co., ca. 1908. Color illustrated wraps; Booklet shaped like lard pail features illustration of George Washington advertising "Washington Brand" lard, Includes index. Ephemera.

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Title: "George Washington"
Catalog Id: 1976.28.25
Creation Date: 1798-1840
Description: This is a print of a painting of George Washington

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Title: "George Washington"
Catalog Id: 1992.0.14
Creation Date: 1798-1840
Description: This is a print of an oil painting of George Washington

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Title: "Said George Washington"
Catalog Id: 1959.
Call Number: Ms 71 Box 5 Folder 12
Creator: Ralph Hosea Chaplin
Creation Date: Feb. 1950
Description: copy of sketch, political art, Ralph Chaplin, portrait of George Washington with textual quotations related to freedom and warning of government despotism and anarchy, published in "Partners" Feb. 1950.

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Title: "Thank God All Mighty, home at last!" - the settlers erect shelter at Bush Prairie near what is now Olympia, Washington, November 1845.
Catalog Id: C1973.27.1
Creation Date: 1973
Description: One of a series of five paintings by Jacob Lawrence depicting the George Washington Bush party traveling to Oregon. Gouache on board. This panel illustrates people working to construct shelters in their new home. This is the fifth panel of the series. The artist intended the panels to be hung with the first panel on the right to indicate travel from east to west.

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Title: "Washington" Feb. 22 d. 1732-Dec. 27th 1799
Catalog Id: 2007.93.85
Creation Date: ca. 1908
Description: Image of George Washington flanked by starred banner, cherries, and Mt. Vernon, VA. Typical holiday greeting postcard from the 1905-1915 period. This card issued for Washington's birthday.

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Title: (commemorative pin)
Catalog Id: 2012.4.93
Creation Date: 2005
Description: Round, pinback button, 2005, commemorating 25 years of the State of Washington's participation in the National History Day program. An outline of a bust of George Washington is printed in the center of the button, next to the words "LIBERTY" on left and "IN GOD WE TRUST" on right, mimicking the front of a quarter. Printed along the top edge in black letters on gray background: 25 YEARS OF HISTORY DAY - WASHINGTON STATE. Printed along the bottom edge in black letters on gray background: 2005

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Title: [Apollo XVII moon rock and mission plaque]
Catalog Id: C1973.11.6
Creation Date: 1969
Description: Commemorative plaque containing a portion of a moon rock and small Washington State flag from the 1972 Apollo 17 mission. Small roundish piece of red brown rock with mica-like flecks mounted into center of a plastic ball (Lucite), which in turn, is mounted on upper half of a brown wood plaque. At center under rock is piece of plexiglas with small Washington State flag mounted underneath. Below each piece is a metal label made of silver tone metal with black print. Wood plaque is rectangular with slightly beveled edges. Back covered with green felt.

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Title: [Aurora Avenue (Highway 99) Looking South, Seattle]
Catalog Id: 1970.62.7
Call Number: 1970.62.7
Creation Date:
Description: Black and white, slightly elevated, undated photographic image looking south on Aurora Avenue (Highway 99) towards Queen Anne Hill and the Aurora Avenue Bridge (George Washington Memorial Bridge.) Several automobiles and the rear of a small bus or delivery van are visible on the road. Houses and a billboard are along the road in image left, and a billboard with houses beyond it are in image right.

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Title: [banner for 125th anniversary of Washington State statehood]
Catalog Id: 2016.4.117
Creation Date: 2014
Description: Banner celebrating the 125th anniversary of statehood for Washington State, 2014. Banner made of white vinyl with brass grommets fitted along top edge. Printed on front on right side is black/white illustration of George Washington wearing a red pointed party hat. Confetti is against a yellow border along top. Lower border is also yellow. Printed on left side is a modified illustration of the Washington State Seal. At center is a green map of Washington State. Printed in black letters over it: 125 years / of statehood. Printed in large green and turquoise letters at center: Welcome to / Wash125ton / 1-4 pm today in the State Capital. Printed in lower left in turquoise letters: WSECU. To its right is logo and name of Keepers of the Capsule.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 293 records matching your search criteria.