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Title: "Map of Aberdeen - Hoquiam"
Catalog Id: 2012.0.35
Call Number: MAPB/WW/GRAY/1955
Creator: Thomas Bros.
Creation Date: ca. 1955
Description: city road map of Aberdeen and Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington State, distributed by Union 76 Oil Company, compiled and published by Thomas Brothers, undated, ca. 1955. Map is illustrated with photographs of the Aberdeen sawmill, Hoquiam Rayonier paper and pulp mill, Hoquiam City Hall, aerial view, and the recreational digging for razor clams. Accompanying text includes brief facts and points of interest with the emphasis on the lumber industry. Front cover features red, white, and blue 'cartoon style' illustration of Union 76 gasoline service station attendants helping a customer. Map shows flow of Chehalis, Hoquiam, and Wishkah Rivers and includes the town plat of Cosmopolis. Street names, Port of Grays Harbor, railroads, parks, cemeteries, schools, libraries, and larger businesses are indicated. Smaller detailed insert maps of downtown Aberdeen and Hoquiam and location key to street names are located at lower edge of larger area map. Scale: 1 inch = .35 miles. Double sided map was originally folded.

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Title: "Worker's Bulletin, Anderson and Yeager/Sores made by jail ropes"
Catalog Id: 1994.0.311
Call Number: Long Term Exhibit WSHM
Creator: Hoquiam, WA
Creation Date: Apr. 9, 1912
Description: "Worker's Bulletin, Anderson and Yeager/Sores made by jail ropes" Hoquiam, Wash., April 9, 1912. Article has photo of two men showing sores on their arms. Article discusses the arrest of the two men, their mistreatment by their jailers due their support of the joint strike by the Shingleweavers, I.W.W., Longshoremen, and Central Labor Council of Hoquiam. The strike by the Shingleweavers Union in Hoquiam has been going on for 2 1/2 years because the mills refuse to recognize the Union.

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Title: [5 loggers]
Catalog Id: 2016.50.96
Call Number: 2016.50.96
Creation Date: Jul. 6, 1904
Description: Group of five loggers in studio portrait taken by H.F. Coombs in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, July 6, 1904. Four of the individuals are identified. The three men standing in front of the painted background are, left to right: Paddy Bly, Walter Rusman and Jeff Stickelt. The man sitting on the chair on the right is Chas. Monk. The man on left is unidentified. The men are all wearing hats and work boots. Three of them are wearing suspenders. The men are posed on a drop cloth which covers a patterned rug.

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Title: [7th St. Theater..... Ernest Tubb and his Texas Troubadours, special added attractions...Jack Roberts & the Evergreen Drifters
Catalog Id: 2017.2.115
Call Number: EPH-B/781.642/Se82e/1964
Creation Date: 1964
Description: A cardboard poster (55.5 x 35 cm) promoting a live country music performance at the 7th Street Theater, Hoquiam, WA, on March 12, 1964, presented by radio station KBKW. The concert features Ernest Tubb and His Texas Troubadours with special added attractions Jack Roberts & the Evergreen Drifters, Kathy Robinson, and Chubby Howard and The Crossroads Quartet. Red letters on yellow background with photographs of Ernest Tubb and Jack Roberts. Edward Nolan collection. Ephemera.

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Title: [Bakers from Aberdeen and Hoquiam]
Catalog Id: 2011.70.1
Call Number: 2011.70.1
Creation Date: 1910
Description: Black and white photographic image of several bakers wearing identical light colored pants, shirts and caps, posing in front of the American Bakery, Aberdeen or Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, WA, 1910. One holds a banner: Eat Union Made Bread, Aberdeen Bakers Union, B. & C. W.I. U. No. 82. All carry pennants: Bakers' Union. Sign on storefront behind them: This building will be occupied on or about Sept. 1 by the American Bakery. Sign on adjacent doorfront: Dr. Schoebel.

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Title: [Dredging canals and lakes at Ocean Shores, WA
Catalog Id: 2006.40.5
Call Number: 2006.40.5
Creation Date: 1968
Description: A dredge, owned by Quigg Bros.-McDonald, Inc., in Hoquiam, WA, is working to deepen Duck Lake at Ocean Shores, WA. A man stands on the equipment. A rowboat with an outboard motor attached is alongside the dredge.

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Title: [Hoquiam Street]
Catalog Id: 2006.0.314
Creation Date: 1952
Description: photographic print, showing a downtown Hoquiam street scene, Grays Harbor County, Washington, 1952. Signs advertising local businesses (cafe, Hotel Emerson, Western Union, clothing stores, etc) and parked automobiles are present.. A street banner promoting the "rain derby" (annual Lions Club rainfall guessing contest) is also visible.

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Title: [Hoquiam Temperance group]
Catalog Id: 2017.2.120
Call Number: 2017.2.120
Creation Date: ca. 1905
Description: Black and white photograph of a group of women and girls from the Women's Christian Temperance Union in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, WA circa 1905. The women pose in a semi-circle in front of an unidentified building. A man is visible through the window behind the group. Most of the women are wearing large decorated hats, gloves and flowers pinned to their left breast. Three of the women are carrying handbags and two women and one girl are carrying small bouquets of flowers. The woman on the far left is holding an American flag on a pole. The fifth woman from the left is identified as Mary O. Bruce (1867-1940). Edward Nolan collection.

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Title: [IOOF trophy with names of lodges in southwest Washington]
Catalog Id: 1998.22.134
Creation Date: 1908
Description: Trophy made by the Barbour Silver Co., 1908 and used by the lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in southwest Washington State, including the cities of Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Oakville, Olympia, and Elma. Trophy made of metal, quadruple plated. It has a round bowl with handles extending straight out from rim and curving down to stop at bottom of tapering stem that finishes in a small raised round base on a larger round raised base with ribbed edge. Ribs also found on outer edge of handles.

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Title: [Marriage certificate for Victor Gustafson and Anna Orling]
Catalog Id: 2003.3.168
Call Number: EPH-B/306.81/M349m/1910
Creation Date: 1910
Description: 1 certificate; ill.; 48 cm.; Certificate written in Swedish. Couple werre married in Hoquiam, Chehalis (now Gray's Harbor) County, WA. Ephemera.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 83 records matching your search criteria.