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Title: "Seattle, USA: Northwest Orient"
Catalog Id: 2003.3.115
Call Number: EPH-D/979.7771/N819se/1960
Creation Date: [ca. 1960]
Description: travel poster; "Seattle, USA: Northwest Orient", Northwest Airlines, ca. 1960, color illustration primarily red and black, depicts Mt. St. Helens and Spirit Lake. Probably used for international air travel promotion from Seattle to Japan and other Asian countries.

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Title: [advertising pin for Northwest Orient Airlines]
Catalog Id: 2004.162.641
Creation Date: 1970s
Description: Round, pinback button advertising Northwest Orient Airlines. White rectangular strip in center with red lettering. Background is red/white diagonal stripes. Red lettering on edge.

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Title: [deck of Northwest Orient playing cards]
Catalog Id: 2012.72.1
Creator: Taiwan
Creation Date: 1970s
Description: Deck of playing cards made in Taiwan and for use by Northwest Orient Airlines, 1970s. Rectangular box made of white cardboard wrapped in colorless, transparent cellophane. Printed on flat sides of box is round Northwest Orient emblem, red with pair of curving white lines. Name of airline printed above and below emblem in red letters.

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Title: [dessert plate]
Catalog Id: 2013.220.1
Creation Date: 1970s
Description: Small round dessert plate made for use by Northwest Orient Airlines, 1970s. Made of white glazed porcelain with round raised base and sides that curve up. Printed on one side of raised inner area of plate is gold emblem of the airlines.

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Title: [doll with case with Seattle World's Fair theme]
Catalog Id: 1981.118.585
Creator: Hong Kong
Creation Date: 1961-1962
Description: Miniature vinyl girl doll, dressed as a flight attendant. Parts (a) doll; b) travel case. Doll is wearing a blue jacket, skirt, and hat. She has black painted on shoes and short blond hair. Case is upright with 2 handles and printed logos of airlines as well as scene of Space Needle, Boeing jet, mountains and Puget Sound.

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Title: [flatware for Northwest Orient Airlines]
Catalog Id: 2013.219.1
Creation Date: ca. 1970
Description: Flatware used by Northwest Orient Airlines, ca. 1970. Manufactured by THC Systems, Inc., Whitestone, NY. Group consists of a) spoon; b) spoon; and c) fork. All made of stainless steel, silver in color, and with same decoration on handle. On lower end of handle is cast logo of the airline, followed by the name. The remainder of the handle is covered with repeating letters NWO. Ends of spoon handles are square; end of the fork handle is curved. Fork has four tines. One spoon is slightly longer than the other.

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Title: [model of Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305]
Catalog Id: 2013.101.1
Creator: Washington State Historical Society
Creation Date: 2012-2013
Description: Airplane model,1:50 scale, a Boeing 727-051 aircraft, approx. 32" long. Made of fiberglass and plastic; painted, with decals. The left side of the model offers a cutaway view of the cockpit and part of the fuselage to see the interior of the aircraft. It is a replica of Northwest Orient Airlines flight 305, the aircraft hijacked by DB Cooper on Nov. 24, 1971. Delivered to Northwest (Orient) Airlines on April 22, 1965 as N467US, with mfg. no. 18803.

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Title: [parachute with backpack and harness]
Catalog Id: 2013.35.1
Creator: Pioneer Parachute Company, Inc.
Creation Date: Sep. 1957
Description: Military backpack parachute (a: harness; b: rigger's card), type 226, made by Pioneer Parachute Company, Inc., Sept.,1957. The rectangular backpack is made of tan canvas, machine stitched and with gray and tan woven straps with buckles and swivels. A smaller pouch is attached to back and is made of lightweigh green cloth. Attached to one end is a segmented cord with pull handle, each made of silver tone metal. The backpack contains a parachute (unseen) is made of white nylon, a 26-foot conical, rip-stop type [source: parachute's packing card]. The lead packing seal is unbroken. On proper right side shoulder strap of harness, is a brass colored metal tag identifying the manufacturer's name and company logo. A paper "rigger's card" (part b) also included, first entry d. May 21, 1971, by E.J. Cossey, rigger's license number 1579638. Parachute has lead packing seal intact, secured under harness flap.

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Title: [toy airplane]
Catalog Id: 2012.48.144
Creator: Japan
Creation Date: 1980s
Description: Toy airplane made in Japan and promoting Northwest Orient Airlines, ca. 1980s. Made of diecast metal with friction wheels. Lower part of plate is made of blue plastic. Upper half made of metal, white with green and yellow wings which have the round red emblem with pair of white undulating lines. Tail made of red orange plastic. Pair of engines on either side on wings. Black plastic wheels attached to off-white plastic support. Smaller plastic wheel extends from back. Printed on each side in red letters: Northwest Orient.

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Title: {Northwest Orient Airlines Waikiki Beach Bag}
Catalog Id: 2016.50.62
Creation Date: 1960s
Description: Tote bag issued by Northwest Airlines, 1960s. Manufactured of vinyl. Bag is roughly rectangular with drawstring closure. Sides are blue with arrow/compass logo at top and name of airlines in white and red print below. Printed below in white script: Waikiki Beach Bag. Sides are made of white vinyl. Cordage closure is made of 1/2" wide white ribbed trim like cloth. It passes through silver color metal grommets spaced in pairs along the top. Silver metal balls are located at each end to pull the drawstrings. Edward Nolan collection

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 37 records matching your search criteria.