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Title: ...Complete 1917 seed and plant manual
Catalog Id: 1994.1.3.113
Call Number: EPH/635.9/A12c
Creation Date: 1917
Description: illustrated nursery catalog of seeds and plants (flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs, etc.), 96 pages, Aabling Boyce Seed Company, Seattle, Washington, 1917. Includes some tools, equipment and supplies ( fertilizers pesticides, fungicides, poultry and bee keeping supplies). Includes index, order from, and envelope. Cover illustration features Hercules sweet peas, with blossoms in bright pink. Ephemera.

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Title: ...Leo's Business College...: and shorthand institute
Catalog Id: 1999.81.22
Call Number: EPH/979./77723/L555 l/1900
Creation Date: ca. 1900
Description: 1 sheet; port.; Obverse is facsimile of Confederate ten dollar bill

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Title: ...the ''Black Bear'' brand all wool ''Mackinaws''
Catalog Id: 1999.34.121
Call Number: EPH/391.1/B561b/1914
Creation Date: 1914
Description: 1 sheet, folded; ill.; 16 cm.; Includes colored examples of 6 plaid patterns

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Title: ''Black Bear Brand'': overalls pants coats...
Catalog Id: 2002.92.2
Call Number: EPH-B/391.1/B561b/1918
Creation Date: 1918
Description: 1 sheet, folded; ill. Depicts man in Shoulder-Eaze union suit. Lists prices for Black Bear Brand products. Ephemera.

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Title: ''I got a little behind in my rent'': 1944, tenth anniversary year
Catalog Id: 2003.3.69
Call Number: EPH/979./77714/C765i/1944
Creation Date: 1944
Description: 1 sheet, folded; col. illus.; Illus. features young woman in lingerie advertising Consolidated Beverages Company in Seattle and Bremerton. Advertisement inside for 6th War Loan. Contains a letter written in the style of a V-mail, but written by a yokel.. Edward Nolan Collection. Ephemera.

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Title: ''Miller Derby''...fall and winter, 1900
Catalog Id: 2004.46.2.50
Call Number: EPH/391.43/J613m/1900
Creation Date: 1900
Description: [2] p.; ill.; Overprinted on front cover : ''The Dimock & Pendleton Co. / 609 Second Ave., Butler Block / Seattle, Wash.''

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Title: ''Ramon''
Catalog Id: 2002.5.30
Call Number: EPH/615.886/H251r/1888
Creation Date: [ca. 1888]
Description: 1 sheet; Advertisement for a medicinal remedy for the excess consumption of alcoholic beverages manufactured by Moore's Revealed Remedy in Seattle, Washington Territory. Ephemera.

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Title: ''Searchlight'' [theater]: Edison Moving Pictures, continuous entertainment
Catalog Id: 2004.46.2.145
Call Number: EPH/979./777153/Se17se/1900
Creation Date: [ca. 1900]
Description: 1 sheet; 31 cm. Announcng "This Week's Program of Moving Pictures" at the Searchlight Theatre in Tacoma, WA. "Panoramic View of Newport R.I., Snowballing Scene at Halifax N.S., The Dull Razor, Brooklyn to New York via the Bridge, Girls Frolic at Seashore, A Wringing Good Joke, Panoramic View of Susquehanna River, Circular Panoramic View of Place de L'Opera, The Spanish Inquisition." Sloan Collection. Ephemera

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Title: ''Tannhaeuser''
Catalog Id: S1992.27.341
Call Number: EPH/641.23/C574t/1910
Creation Date: [ca. 1910]
Description: 1 label; ill.; 8 cm.; Red, black and gold print on white

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Title: "Battle hymn of conservation"
Catalog Id: 1972.33.209
Call Number: MUSIC/940.3/M455b/1918
Creator: Annette H. Mays
Creation Date: 1918
Description: sheet music, titled: "Battle hymn of conservation" 1 score (3 pages, 35x27 cm.) for piano and voice, based on old Welsh air, "Men of Harlech"; text by Annette Hardin Mays. Title refers to conservation of food to supply troops fighting in France during World War I. Published in 1918.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 728 records matching your search criteria.