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Title: ''Bob'' Harlin for councilman: 22 years in Seattle
Catalog Id: 1996.36.179
Call Number: EPH-B/979.777/H212b/1929
Creation Date: 1929
Description: 1 poster; port.; 35.5 cm. Portrait of Harlin

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Title: ''Mt. Rainier''--Seattle
Catalog Id: 1999.1.66
Call Number: EPH-B/979.7771/Un3m/1976
Creation Date: ca. 1976
Description: 1 poster; col. ill.; 58 cm.

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Title: ''Searchlight'' [theater] continuous entertainment: Edison's moving pictures
Catalog Id: 2004.46.2.230
Call Number: EPH/979./7780713/Se17dy/1900
Creation Date: 1900
Description: 1 sheet; 31 cm.; Annoucning "This Week's Programme of Moving Pictures" at the Searchlight Theatre in Tacoma, WA: "Carpenters at Work-Gov't Job, Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, Pres. McKinley's Carriage Passing, Pres. McKinley's Inauguration, Victoria Cross Prize Bicycle Race, Pillow Fight-School Days, Naval Parade--N.Y. Harbor, Admiral Dewey, Black Diamond Express, From Joppa to Jerusalem, Henley Boat Race Single Scull, After the Boat Race, Panoramic View of Seattle Waterfront--from West Seattle Ferry." Sloan Collection. Ephemera

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Title: ''Searchlight'' [theater]: Edison Moving Pictures, continuous entertainment
Catalog Id: 2004.46.2.145
Call Number: EPH/979./777153/Se17se/1900
Creation Date: [ca. 1900]
Description: 1 sheet; 31 cm. Announcng "This Week's Program of Moving Pictures" at the Searchlight Theatre in Tacoma, WA. "Panoramic View of Newport R.I., Snowballing Scene at Halifax N.S., The Dull Razor, Brooklyn to New York via the Bridge, Girls Frolic at Seashore, A Wringing Good Joke, Panoramic View of Susquehanna River, Circular Panoramic View of Place de L'Opera, The Spanish Inquisition." Sloan Collection. Ephemera

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Title: 'The Fishermen'
Catalog Id: 1974.35.288
Call Number: PHOTO-B/1974.35.288
Creation Date: ca.1923-1927
Description: Black and white, ca. 1923-27 soft focus pictorialist image on tissue photo paper of two fishermen arranging a net on a cart which is sitting on a Seattle, King County, WA dock. A fishing boat and two other men are behind them. The scaffolding beneath a pier is visible in the background.

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Title: 'The Seattle Chef"
Catalog Id: 1969.31.16.8
Call Number: EPH/331.8833/G435se/1937
Creation Date: 1937
Description: 4 page issue of "The Seattle Chef" (vol. 1, no. 14, August 1937), "official organ of Cooks and Assistants Union, local 33." 28x21.5 cm. Issue originally owned by Ronald Debs Ginther. Contains brief articles about union issues. Masthead overprinted in red with portrait of man wearing chef's hat. Front page article titled: "Bartell Signs Up". Ephemera.

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Title: "1980-81 NBA all star balloting; vote for your favorite sonic"
Catalog Id: 2003.192.4
Call Number: EPH-B/979.777293/N622b/1980
Creation Date: 1980
Description: multi colored poster titled: "1980-81 NBA all star balloting; vote for your favorite sonic," poster promotes the public vote for a favorite Supersonic basketball player, includes 11 photographic insets of Sonic players on the court. The players which are identified by name, include: Vinnie Johnson, Paul Westphal, Wally Walker, James Donaldson, Jack Sikma, Fred Brown, John Johnson, Lonnie Shelton, Dennis Awtrey, Bill Hanzlik, and James Bailey. The contest was sponsored by "Michelob NBA All Star Voting".

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Title: "A Call for All Concerned People to Demonstrate Nonviolently..."
Catalog Id: S1991.36.31
Call Number: EPH-A/322.44/St94/1970
Creator: Student Peace Union
Creation Date: Aug. 1970
Description: political handbill, typed leaflet, "A Call for All Concerned People to Demonstrate Nonviolently on Thursday August 20, 1970, upon the occasion of the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia....and the U. S. invasion of Vietnam and Cambodia..." SCCS-SPU (Student Peace Union, Seattle Community College Chapter) produced by volunteer labor, Aug.1970. Other sponsors include: Socialist Party of Washington State (SP), and the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR). Assembly for the protest march is at the Westlake Mall, downtown Seattle, Washington. Includes information related to sessions in nonviolent protest and resistance to be held in advance of the demonstration and map of route. Handwritten note located at front bottom edge of handbill reads: "Distributed on downtown streets of Seattle Aug. 12, 1970."

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Title: "Alaska Building Elevator Lobby"
Catalog Id: 1943.42.15396
Call Number: Curtis15396
Creator: Asahel Curtis
Creation Date: Aug. 16, 1909
Description: photographic print, interior view of the elevator lobby Alaska Building, located at the southeast corner of Second and Cherry Streets, Seattle, WA, Asahel Curtis photographer, dated Aug. 16, 1909. Large group of well dressed men and women stand waiting in the area outside the building elevators.

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Title: "And the Eyes of the Blind Shall be Opened"
Catalog Id: 2000.
Call Number: PER/VOTES Votes for Women
Creation Date: Mar. 1910
Description: Political Cartoon, Periodical, published in a newspaper format, "Votes for Women," Volume 1 #4, March 1910, page 1, published by the Washington Equal Rights Suffrage Association, Seattle, Wa., continued by the title "New Citizen". Cartoon shows five men (one is drunk, and the others smoking and exchanging money) placing votes in a ballot box, while a bind folded woman justice symbol preslides and a police officer welding a billy club prevents four women and a young girl from voting.

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