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Title: [15 decade rosary]
Catalog Id: 2013.110.3
Creation Date:
Description: 15 decade rosary worn with the profession habit of Sister Connie Walsh, a Tacoma Dominican, professed August 1965 as Sister Mary Samuel of the Holy Family. 3 3/4" high crucifix made of silver tone metal with black wood at center. Brass figure of Christ on cross attached to one side. Attached at top of crucifix are beads strung alternately between silver link chains and seven groups on either side above St. Dominic devotional medal. One side of medal shows St. Dominic before a crucifix. Opposite side shows a seated Our Lady of the Rosary with figures on either side of her. Inscribed on one side of medallion: egina Sacratissimi Rosarh ora pro nobis. Inscribed on other side of medallion: sancte dominice ora p. Stamped on top of medallion on one side of round link to hole chain: Germany. Beads are black, oval shaped, and shiny. Some are slightly shorter and a few with brownish cast. They alternate with larger roundish black beads carved with circle and dot design on each side.

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Title: [achievement pin for track and field event]
Catalog Id: 2013.105.17
Creator: USATF Pacific Northwest
Creation Date: 1990-2010
Description: Achievement pin for track and field event at USATF Pacific Northwest championships, 1990-2010? Pin is round, made of gold tone metal, with straight pin fastener and clasp affixed to back. Enameled front is white with gold border and print. Printed in gold letters around edge: race walking - long distance running - track & field. Printed at lower right in gold letters: pacific / northwest / athletics / champion. Above inscription is abstract illustration of mountain with triangular trees extending up slope. An area above mountain is enameled light blue.

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Title: [class pin for Stadium High School]
Catalog Id: 2009.152.52
Creation Date: 1935
Description: 1935 class pin for Stadium High School. A two part pin made of gold tone metal connected by short gold chain. Main pin is roughly oval shaped with small illustration of Stadium High School cast at top. Below are two small dark blue, enameled ovals with "3 and "5". Triangular section at bottom is dark blue enamel with "SHS" in gold letters. Second pin made of gold tone metal in shape of "35."

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Title: [class ring]
Catalog Id: 2009.152.50
Creator: Portland, OR
Creation Date: 1929
Description: Class ring used by member of the Bergt family (initials WMB) and dated 1929. Made of 10 K gold and sterling silver. Made by Dank & Co. (?), Portland, OR. Eight sided crown made of silver with black highlights. LR (?) at center with date at top and bottom and H and S on sides. Band made of 10 K gold and decorated with leaf like design. Cast on one side: 19; cast on other side: 29.

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Title: [Daffodil Festival trophy]
Catalog Id: 2012.45.3
Creation Date: 1939
Description: First place trophy awarded to the drill team representing the Sons and Daughters of Italy in the 1939 Daffodil Festival parade. Made by Wallace Trophy. Silver plated (?) with gold wash on interior, trophy is in shape of an inverted cone with long curving handles on two sides. Scalloped design with extension at top of each handle. Diagonal rope/bead design around rim. Round base of metal trophy attached to round, black plastic base. Base is hollow and has extended edge.

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Title: [fraternal cap/fez for AAONMS]
Catalog Id: 2012.123.47
Creation Date: ca. 1900
Description: Fraternal fez used by Nathaniel J. Redpath, M.D., as a member of the Ancient Areabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (AAONMS), ca. 1900. Manufactured by the M.C. Lilley & Co., Columbus, OH. Parts include: a) fez; and, b) box. Fez made of dark red wool, round with short cylinder of same cloth through which a black tassel is attached. Machine embroidered on front in silver and gold metallic threads is illustration of scimitar, crescent with five pointed star hanging from center and name "Afifi" above them. Attached at center of crescent is an embossed ornament of gold medal that resembles a pharoah. Box for hat is made of cardboard, oval in shape with telescoping lid. Lid and box are covered in dark red paper. Affixed to one side of the lower section of the box is a large white paper label with black print advertising the manufacturer.

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Title: [fraternal pin for AAONMS]
Catalog Id: 2012.123.51
Creation Date: ca. 1900-1920?
Description: Fraternal pin used by Nathaniel J. Redpath, M.D., as a member of the Ancient Areabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (AAONMS), ca. 1900. Manufactured by the C.G. Braxmar Co., New York City, NY. Made of silver tone metal, the pin consists of two parts. On top with pin fastener is a scimilar with crescent at center. In raised letters on the crescent shape: MECCA. Hanging by a brass loop is a pyramid shape with an embossed illustration of a pharoah like head with crescent below. In raised letters on the crescent: HAJI. Manufacturer name and address stamped on the back.

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Title: [IOOF trophy with names of lodges in southwest Washington]
Catalog Id: 1998.22.134
Creation Date: 1908
Description: Trophy made by the Barbour Silver Co., 1908 and used by the lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in southwest Washington State, including the cities of Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Oakville, Olympia, and Elma. Trophy made of metal, quadruple plated. It has a round bowl with handles extending straight out from rim and curving down to stop at bottom of tapering stem that finishes in a small raised round base on a larger round raised base with ribbed edge. Ribs also found on outer edge of handles.

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Title: [Kingco Champ wrestling patch]
Catalog Id: 2014.39.28
Creation Date: 1998
Description: School patch for Kingco League high school championship at 158 lbs in high school wrestling, 1997-1998. Rectangular, made of red knubby (chenille) cloth (wool?) with black border on a white felt backing. Inscribed in black lettering: 97 98 / Kingco Champ / 158 lbs. Machine embroidered between the dates is a yellow illustration of two male figures wrestling.

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Title: [masonic apron]
Catalog Id: 1982.62.8
Creator: Grand Lodge of Washington, Free and Accepted Masons
Creation Date: 1920s?
Description: Mason apron for Free and Accepted Masons, 1920s?; used by Robert W. Stambaugh. Made of near square white piece of leather with white cloth backing and triangular flap over front. White twisted cloth cords attached at either top end and across top. Printed on underside of flap in blue print is information about presentation of apron from the Destiny Lodge no. 197, F. & A.M., Tacoma, WA. Lower section is not completed with information.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 15 records matching your search criteria.