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Title: ______ Lmbr. Co.
Catalog Id: 2004.153.4
Call Number: 2004.153.4
Creation Date:
Description: Many loggers, preparing to go into the woods, are sitting close together on 2 flatbed railroad cars behind an engine in a logged area in Washington State. The man in far right photo appears to be Japanese. A donkey engine is at far right.

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Title: ''I'm a vet, and a Legionnaire, too: but I don't use the Legion as a political springboard''
Catalog Id: 2005.
Call Number: EPH-B/979.7021/W157im/1940
Creation Date: 1940
Description: 1 sheet, folded; port.;Mon C. Wallgren's campaign for U.S. Senate, 1940. Ephemera.

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Title: ''Out to Win'': Prohibitionists of the State of Washington can win in 1912
Catalog Id: 1998.31.1.126
Call Number: EPH/979.7021/Ou8o/1912
Creator: Olin F. Fowler
Creation Date: 1912
Description: Political handbill related to Prohibition, 1 sheet; 17 cm., compiled by Olin F. Fowler, Tacoma, Wa., 1912.

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Title: ''Put the state on an even keel'': by electing Edwin S. Kiehl state treasurer
Catalog Id: 1997.80.12
Call Number: EPH-A/979.7021/K543p/1952
Creation Date: 1952
Description: 1 sheet; port.; 26.2cm.; Verso: words to Democratic song, ''Don't Let 'Em Take It Away!''. Ephemera.

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Title: ''Ring it again'' with Hartley: Republican candidate for governor
Catalog Id: 2005.119.1.70
Call Number: EPH/979.7022/R472r/1936
Creation Date: 1936
Description: 1 item; ill., por. Promotional blotter for the reelection of Governor Roland Hartley.

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Title: ''Ring the liberty bell again'': with Hartley, Republican candidate for governor
Catalog Id: 2005.119.1.48
Call Number: EPH/979.7021/R472h/1936
Creation Date: 1936
Description: 1 poster; port.; 41.5 cm.; Text clipped at top and bottom; In red & blue, on white; port. of Hartley imposed on Liberty Bell

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Title: ''Washington Beloved'': the state anthem of Washington
Catalog Id: 2000.104.24
Call Number: EPH/979.777/M462w/1932
Creation Date: 1932
Description: 1 sheet, folded; 25 cm.; Item consists of words only; Decorative orange borders around title page and poem. Ephemera

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Title: '89 Washington/Special Olympics
Catalog Id: 2012.48.208
Creation Date: 1989
Description: Lapel pin advertising the 1989 Special Olympics in Washington State. Made of gold tone metal, in the shape of the State of Washington, with enameled surface on front which is divided into red and dark blue. Printed in gold at top: '89 / Washington / Special Olympics. Printed in gold letters at bottom: The World / of Winners? With post backing and squeeze fastener.

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Title: " If you were there...: you'd help..."
Catalog Id: 1999.34.111
Call Number: EPH-B/940.53/N213if/1943
Creation Date: [ca. 1943]
Description: pamphlet, "If you were there...: you'd help..." "We can't all fight! We won't all suffer! But we can all give!" 1 sheet, originally folded to form 12 sides, red and blue text. Overprinted: ''Washington State War Fund affiliated with /National War Fund,'' dated ca. 1943. Illustrated with photographs of European and Chinese civilian war refugees (women,children, and men) including refugees from Greece, China, and other World War II United State allies.

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Title: "1880 to 1920's" [agriculture]
Catalog Id: 1991.110.14.46
Creation Date: ca. Apr. 1992
Description: Washington State History Museum, core exhibit, Great Hall of Washington History, opened 1996. Section, showing facade and interior diorama with cart, bags, apple tree, and mannequin holding pitchfork. Man and woman visitors look. Design is consistent with 1991.110.14.71 and identical to 1991.110.14.73.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 6950 records matching your search criteria.