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Title: "30 good things made with peanut butter"
Catalog Id: 2003.3.88
Call Number: EPH/641.656/M618t/1918
Creation Date: 1918
Description: cookbook, "30 good things made with peanut butter" by Sylvia A. Miller, published by Rogers Company, Tacoma, Washington, 1918, 18 pages; illustrations include black and white photographs showing Tacoma Rogers Company factory interior views with workers and color illustration on front cover showing an open can of Rogers School Boy Peanut Butter. Includes short preface essay titled: "Peanut Butter in War." Essay describes the use of peanut butter as an alternative source of protein and fat.

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Title: [Brown Farm Creamery Room]
Catalog Id: 1943.42.28130
Call Number: Curtis 28130
Creator: Asahel Curtis
Creation Date: Sep.3, 1913
Description: glass plate negative and photographic print, showing interior of the A. L. Brown Farm creamery, Asahel Curtis, photographer, September 3, 1913. Two dairy workers wearing protective clothing are shown making butter by using a large mechanical butter churn. One of a large series of photographs related to the A. L. Brown Farm, Nisqually Delta Area Pierce and Thurston Counties, Sherlock, Washington.

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Title: [butter bowl]
Catalog Id: 2004.87.2
Creation Date: 1920-1960?
Description: Near round wood bowl made of single piece of light colored (white) wood. Round flat base, curved sides, slight ridge to outer rim edge.

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Title: [butter churn]
Catalog Id: 1990.13.8
Creation Date: ca. 1900
Description: This dasher type butter churn is made from ceramic stoneware and is glazed in off-white. The churn bells out slightly in the midddle. Toward the top of the churn there are two handles. (B&C) The churn has two covers. The churn has the inscription "Pacific Stoneware & Co./Portland, OR/5"

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Title: [butter churn]
Catalog Id: 2004.87.5
Creation Date: 1940-1960?
Description: Electric churn made of glass and metal. Large glass container made of transparent, colorless glass; round base with ribbed corners forming square; rounded corners; tapering sides to threaded neck over which cover fits. Large silver toned metal cover fits over threads. Attached to top of cover is small round motor, 115 volts, 40 cycle. White metal over black; circular air vents at top. Attached to one side is electric cord with plug. Rod extends from center of metal cover. Detachable rod with two small metal paddles attached at one end unscrews from central rod..

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Title: [butter churn]
Catalog Id: 2004.87.4
Creation Date: 1930-1960?
Description: Churn made of glass, metal, plastic (bakelite?), and wood. Large glass container made of transparent, colorless glass; round base with ribbed corners forming square; rounded corners; tapering sides to threaded neck over which cover fits. Cover made of silver toned metal. Curved handle on top of lid; half of handle covered with triangular pieces of molded red plastic (bakelite?). Curved turning handle attached at back of side with plastic. Red wood cover to handle end. Rod extends into jar from bottom of triangles. Attached to rod is large wood block on which are two wood paddle forms.

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Title: [butter churn]
Catalog Id: 1990.13.9
Creation Date: 1922
Description: Clear glass "Dazey" butter churn with wood paddle. Square in shape. Metal lid has metal handle with wood knob.

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Title: [butter dish]
Catalog Id: 1966.100.1
Creation Date: 1877-1930
Description: Covered butter dish made of non-flint clear/frosted glass in Westward Ho glass pattern, first produced by Gillinder in Sons. Consists of raised plate (a) and cover (b). Round conical base with raised ridges radiating from center. Large round ring at center of stem; top and bottom of stem with rings of slightly larger diameter. Round plate at top of stem. Raised rim edge with outer scalloped edging. Round and domed cover has frosted design of log cabin, running deer and buffalo in front of mountains on sides. Top center has raised round frosted area. At center top is crouching Indian man. Leaf and stump design around lower edge of center area.

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Title: [butter dish]
Catalog Id: 2002.60.13
Creation Date: 1874
Description: Butter server made of silver plated metal (possibly electroplated). Server consists of: a) dish; b) cover; c) tray; and d) knife. Dish is round. Round bowl sits on four legs in shape of deer hooves; Section on bowl in shape of three dimensional deer head. Bowl has silver inner bowl (to hold ice). A round tray insert with pierced seven-pointed star at center fits into top of inner bowl. Removable domed lid has knobs which fit into slots on side of bowl. Elaborate plaque with roundels and points on one side of dome. Two curlicue holders on one side to hold butter knife. Short chains with rods fit into holes to hold cover in place. Knife made of silver toned metal. Wide flat blade with curved blade, decorated upper section, upward curving point. Handle is perpendicular to blade. Floral design along border.

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Title: [butter dish]
Catalog Id: 1983.16.73
Creation Date: 1900-1920
Description: Butter dish (?) made of uncolored, transparent pressed glass. Rectangular with four feet, each an inverted triangle with ridged sides. Bowl has rectangular base with pressed decoration at center in rectangular area. Decoration composed of multipetaled roundels alternating with octagonal depressions, all arranged in a diamond pattern. Top edge of bowl has straight sides with vertically aligned ridges. On outside of bowl below ridged area is scalloped area consisting of interlocking half circular loops. On short ends is curved handle with design that is similar to that on base bottom. Octoagonal shapes in with enlarged sections of the roundel.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 64 records matching your search criteria.