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Title: ["remade" black lace dress]
Catalog Id: 1970.38.3
Creation Date: 1900-1920
Description: Two-part dress consisting of: a) bodice; b) skirt. Made of black silk covered with black lace netting. Different patterns of lace on cuffs, collar/front and over skirt. Bodice was remade from an early 1900s fall-front style. Underdress in muslin connected to skirt, which is also draped with black netting. Long silk sleeves with roll back cuffs and needlepoint lace trim.

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Title: [3/4 length fur coat]
Catalog Id: 2005.23.1
Creation Date: ca. 1940
Description: Long jacket or 3/4 length coat made of black baby fur seal by Larchmont Furriers, Tacoma, WA. Mottled black appearance; lined with black satin cloth. Raised neck area extending to notched collar when folded down. Long sleeves with welted ridge at top seam. Back of collar has cape like effect with two large curved areas sewn directly onto back. Large black button made of plastic (?) with triangular ridged design at top proper left to hold collar down. Larger black button at center front on left side fastens with two strand loop on opposite side. Button decorated with incised figure eight type design with elliptical shapes and ridges on either side. Neckline and sleeve end lining decorated with slight ruffle. On inside proper left front is a label and initials "HA". Behind label is a small pocket.

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Title: [Alboucq store, Hartline, WA, ca. 1915]
Catalog Id: 2013.154.1.96
Call Number: 2013.154.1.96
Creation Date: ca. 1915
Description: Black and white, close photographic image of the interior of a clothing store owned by Leon Alboucq, Harline, Grant County, WA, ca. 1915. The items on display seem to be for women. The view is of glass display cases in a center aisle in image foreground, containing a dresser set, hand mirrors, brushes, probably hatpins on cards, and possibly shoe buckles on cards. Piles of hats, bolts of cloth, 20 cents per yd., and other clothing items are on counters continuing down the center of the store. Clothing hanging on racks is at center background. Aisles are on both sides of the center display, with glass display cases near both side walls, and boxes stacked on shelves along the walls. Hat boxes are on the shelves near image right edge. Two women customers are in image left background, and sales woman is behind the counter near them. A partial open second floor is in image upper left background, with some boxes visible.

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Title: [American Red Cross apron]
Catalog Id: 2009.147.4
Creation Date: 1914-1919
Description: Apron used by member of the William P. Sundberg family, (probably Ida Katherine Sundberg), 1914-1919 during World War I with American Red Cross. Apron made of lightweight white cloth(lawn?), with wide waistband and skirt gathered into it. Waistband has series of button holes on either side and two large white buttons attached to proepr left side. Bib attached to center top of skirt has long straps, each with a pair of buttons that fasten into button holes on waistband. patch pocket on proper left side has Red Cross patch sewn to it.

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Title: [American Red Cross uniform, ca. 1917]
Catalog Id: 1995.100.505
Creation Date: ca.1917
Description: White cotton belted, Princess style uniform dress (a) with patch pockets. 6 mother of pearl buttons with metal studs down front. Short sleeves with wide cuffs & button holes for buttons. Embroidered red cross on left breast pocket b) black metal pin, initials"A.R.C." on right lapel; c) Round metal pin above left breast pocket. Red cross on white background with blue border" American National Red Cross Nurse"in gold letters. Pin bordered with gold leaves.d)2.25 in. wide white cotton belt with 1 button.e)White triangular one piece headress of sheer cotton. Narrow cuff folds back at front. Small patch with embroidered red cross & "Seattle,Wash." embroidered below in center. Narrow flat ties. f) Folded square white handkerchief with embroidered red cross in right skirt pocket.

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Title: [apron]
Catalog Id: 2009.147.2
Creation Date: 1920-1940?
Description: Hostess (?) type apron used by William P. Sundberg family member, 1920-1940? Made of lightweight orange cloth, with bib and wide skirt area that wraps around to sides. All edges finished in off white, machine made lace with floral pattern. Ties of 1 1/8" wide orange satin ribbon are attached at top of bib and top side edges and crisscross at back. At center of bib is embroidered flora decoration of blue daisy like flowers, pink dot flowers with yellow dot center and green vines on black check base. This decoration repeats on either side of front three times, along with black line extending down from flowers and to sides. Below black line extending from sides is row of the lace. Slight gathering along lace. Orange ribbon ties on either side where lower end of straps are attached.

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Title: [basque; corset]
Catalog Id: C1955.380.5
Creation Date: 1890-1920?
Description: Corset or basque for small woman, 1890-1920? Made by Dakin's, Ltd. of Upper Norwood, PE, England. Made of olive green velvet, sleeveless, with standup collar with decorative green cording around edges. Series of 30 small, round, gold-metal buttons and corresponding buttonholes extend down front. Slightly pointed front center at hem. Long darts on either side and back are boned. Upper back and lining made of white cloth. Tie with buckle made of silver tone metal attached at tback and made to clasp at center front.

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Title: [bathing cap]
Catalog Id: 1989.115.1
Creation Date: ca. 1970
Description: White rubber swim cap covered with white rubber flowers (five petaled), each backed by green/blue rubber petals.

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Title: [beaded dress]
Catalog Id: 1982.21.1
Creation Date: ca. 1930
Description: One-piece pullover gray silk crepe dress, beaded with white, colorless, and pink glass beads and scattered rhinestones on front and back of bodice. Short sleeves with a dropped waist with one side ruffle and sash hanging down on proper left side.

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Title: [beaded dress]
Catalog Id: C1977.51.3
Creation Date: 1920-1929
Description: Beaded dress from the 1920s. Sheath made of lightweight blue crepe, sleeveless, scoop neckline, lowered waist with blue cloth ties. Front and back heavily decorated with added beads in various shades of blue, some iridescent, some round, some short tubes. Around neck and hem are bands of U shapes with interior U forms and larger blue faceted beads. Bodice and skirt decorated with repeating design of elongated arrow forms with pointed end (pointed downward) and one notched end (at top). Line of lighter color beads extends app. 3/4 way down notch. Lower waist profusely decorated with beading. At center is large oval shape with long triangles bordered by small U forms extend horizontally from it. Decoration of scallop forms inside oval.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 2172 records matching your search criteria.