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Title: [bottle of wine]
Catalog Id: 2011.94.5
Creation Date: 1983
Description: Bottle of cabernet sauvignon wine produced and bottled by Columbia Winery, Bellevue, WA 1983. Alcohol 13.1% by volume. In green bottle with straight sides, high shoulder, straight neck covered with gold cap cover, flat round base. Large white paper label on front decorated with grape and leaf motif in blue panel across top. Name of winery, year and type of wine printed in white space below. On opposite side is smaller label with bar code and information about the wine.

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Title: [bottle of wine]
Catalog Id: 2011.94.6
Creation Date: 1983
Description: Bottle of merlot wine vinted and bottled by Chinook Wines, Prosser, WA, 1989. 750 ml ; 13% alcohol by vol. Contents in a green glass bottle with straight sides, high shoulder, long neck that is covered with a black cap, small kickup. Affixed to one side of body is large rectangular paper label with information about wine and winery in a white rectangle on lower section. Remainder of label is decorated with a bowl of purple grapes and leaves, with vertical design of pink stripes alternating with columns with segmented design in black with blue center and purple square with pink corners on lower edges. On opposite side of bottle is plastic label with government warning re. women drinking if pregnant.

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Title: [decanter or dresser bottle]
Catalog Id: C1949.1154.37
Creation Date: 1890-1930?
Description: Wine decanter or possibly dresser bottle (a: bottle; b: stopper) made of white parian (bisque) china. Bottle is square with notched corners, slightly indented base. Straight sides with panels alternating between dancing woman in classical flowing dress and floral motif with curlicues and floral forms. Extending from corners are remnants of string of fine loops. At each corner is large bunch of grapes with leaves. Second applied decoration inbetween corners of three leaves with grapes at center. Wide slightly sloping shoulder with short neck with wide round opening and flat rim. Stopper has wide round handle with large decoration of grapes and leaves applied to top. Long stopper fits into opening.

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Title: [finger ring]
Catalog Id: 2009.152.47
Creation Date: 1960-1990?
Description: Finger ring made of gold tone metal, 1960-1990? Plain band that widens at front. Attached to front is grape and vine decoration with vine curving back on band to have bunch of grapes hanging along side.

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Title: [packing box for Badger Mountain Winery]
Catalog Id: 2013.2.18
Creator: Packaging Innovators Corp.
Creation Date: 2012
Description: Packing box made by Packaging Innovators Corp., Livermore, CA and used by Badger Mountain Winery to hold bottles of merlot wine, 2012. Box made of cardboard, white with black band around bottom, black print. On sides is light gray illustraiton of a bunch of grapes with large leaves above. Over illustration is horizontal band with blue lines and name of winery. Printed in black letters in band: Badger Mountain / certified organic wines. On interior is cardboard slotting for 12 bottles.

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Title: [quilt registration record]
Catalog Id: 1995.118.7.75
Creation Date: 1937

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Title: [serving tray or dish]
Catalog Id: 2011.38.24
Creation Date: 1900-1950
Description: Serving tray or dish by Wallace Silversmiths, 1900-1950. Made of sterling silver; no. 4455-9. Round with raised sides and turned edge. At center is embossed design of grapes and leaves. On one side is a larger design; opposite is floating leaf with small bunch of grapes. Underside has same design, except they are flat.

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Title: [set of grapefruit spoons]
Catalog Id: 2011.38.21
Creation Date: ca. 1908
Description: Set of four grapefruit spoons (a-d), made by Rogers Bros., ca. 1980. Made in La Vigne pattern; made of metal; silver plated. Each spoon has long narrow and sharply upturned bowl, curved stem and pointed handle tip that is turned upward. Grape and leaf motif on handle,either end of stem, and end of bowl. Ridge around edge of handle and down stem. Ornate letter engraved at undecorated center of handle, G (?).

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Title: [Shot glass]
Catalog Id: C1971.36.23E
Creation Date: 1890-1950?
Description: Shot glass made of colorless, transparent glass. Round base with raised base edge. Straight sides widen toward top rim edge. Etched design on side twice is design of bunch of grapes at end of curved stem with two leaves. Clear band around rim edge. Glass is somewhat thick.

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Title: [table]
Catalog Id: 1938.19.5
Creator: Japan
Creation Date: 1890-1910
Description: Ornate carved and table with plain square tabletop. Border of tabletop has maze-like geometric motif carving. Apron and side rails intricately carved with sparrows, fruit and leaves. Eagles carved on knees and carved legs scroll down into ball feet.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 41 records matching your search criteria.