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Title: (baseball style cap)
Catalog Id: 2012.48.12
Creator: China
Creation Date: 2000-2012
Description: Baseball style cap made in China, promoting the Tacoma Sabercats, a minor league hockey team, 2000-2012. Crown is black with six sections. Eyelets are machine stitched in red thread; red button at top. Stiff visor is covered with red cloth. Adjustment band is black plastic. Machine embroidered on front of crown is the logo of the Tacoma Sabercats in brown, white, and red thread. Machine embroidered beneath in red cursive letters: Sabercats.

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Title: [1990 Seattle Goodwill Games commemorative medal]
Catalog Id: 2017.79.10
Creation Date: 1990
Description: Commemorative medal for the Goodwill Games held in Seattle, WA, 1990. Parts include: a) medal; b) presentation case. Medal cast of .999 silver and is encased in a colorless clear plastic holder. On one side of the medal is illustration of events that include weight lifting, baseball, and ice hockey. On the other side is the logo of the games, a map of the world with the name of the games and star and laurel wreath above and below. Presentation case is made of plastic. It has a hinged lid and is covered with brown velvet finish. Edges trimmed in brass. Interior has round insert for medal. Lid lined with white cloth that has the logo of the Games and "Official Medallion" printed in gold lettering.

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Title: [commemorative pennant for the Seattle Breakers ice hockey team]
Catalog Id: 2018.0.127
Creation Date: 1977-1985
Description: Commemorative/souvenir pennant for the Seattle Breakers ice hockey team, 1977-1985. Made of a triangular piece of white felt, with a blue band stitched at wide end. In wide end is printed a round illustration with white/red swirl against a blue background with red border. Printed across center of it in red letters: Breakers. The "K" is elongated to resemble a hockey stick, and puck is illustragted on one side. Printed in blue lettering on narrower side: Seattle / Breakers. "K" and puck are noted in the lettering.

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Title: [hockey stick]
Catalog Id: 2000.46.229
Creation Date: 1970-1971
Description: Wood hockey stick. Wood shaft and blade. Blade has slight curve and is reinforced with fiberglass. Two red and blue plastic bands adhered around shaft with manufacturer's name. Manufacturer's name, location and patent number for stick printed on shaft in black. Green marker on shaft (near butt). Signed by the 1970-1971 Seattle Totems (Don Head, Bob Ash, Bob Jones, Art Stratton, John Hanna, Bill Knibbs, Randy Legge, Ron Boehm, Ray Martyniuk, Dick Mortenson, Chuck Holmes, George Surmay, Dick Paradise, Don Ward, Jack Michie).

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Title: [hockey stick]
Catalog Id: 2000.46.228
Creator: St. Paul, MN
Creation Date: 1960-1961
Description: Wood hockey stick. Wood shaft, blade and butt. Straight blade is wrapped in black and white "stick tape" (cloth-reinforced athlethic tape), and butt is wrapped in white stick tape. Two black stripes around shaft near blade. Manufacturer's information printed in black on shaft. Signed by the 1960-1961 Seattle Totems (Rudy Filion, Les Hunt, Eddie Stankowiewicz, Murray Wilke, Bev Bentley, Edgar Ehrenverth, Marc Boileau, Gordy Sinclair, Gordon Tansley, Frank Arnett, Don Chiupka, Gerry Leonard, Guyle Fielder, Tom McVie, Bill MacFarland).

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Title: [pair of man's ice skates]
Catalog Id: 1999.4.5
Creation Date: 1942-1952
Description: a. left b. right c. box Man's skate has a much thinner sole & no heel. Victory/ Ration Men's Nickel Hockey/ No 5861 Size 9

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Title: [Ret. teachers/Mug for Ernie Smith/Mug Falls Terrace/Welcome Guys & Gals (Soc)/Roller Hockey]
Catalog Id: C1986.
Creation Date: Jun.1968
Description: 14 Photographic negatives. Two are of two women looking at an Olympia High School yearbook (Olympiad), unidentified. Four are of unidentified man and young man. Two are of a sign welcoming men and women to a social event, unidentified. Six are of men playing roller hockey (hockey on roller skates).

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Title: [Seattle Arena]
Catalog Id: 1943.42.39537
Call Number: Curtis 39537
Creator: Asahel Curtis
Creation Date: Apr. 16, 1920
Description: nitrate negative and photographic print, street view of the Seattle Arena building at 5th Ave. and University Street, King County, Seattle Washington, Asahel Curtis, photographer, April 16, 1920. Many automobiles are parked outside the arena, and signs for various businesses (Arena Skate Store, Lincoln Tailors and Metropolitan Confectionery and Ice Cream) are visible. Four men stand outside the front of the confectionery. Hockey games were played in the Seattle Arena from 1915-1924.

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Title: [souvenir hockey puck commemorating the return of hockey to Tacoma, WA]
Catalog Id: 2015.76.10
Creator: Czechoslovakia
Creation Date: 1991
Description: Souvenir hockey puck made in Czechoslovakia and made to commemorate the inaugural game of ice hockey in Tacoma, WA on Oct. 11, 1991 between the Tacoma Rockets and the Seattle Thunderbirds. Puck made of hard, black vulanized rubber. it is round with textured outer surface. On one flat side is a large white label. Printed in blue letters below logo: Puget Sound Bank. Other side also covered with large round white label. Emblem for the Tacoma Rockets printed at center. Printed below are names of teams, date of game, and location. Printed in blue letters around outer edge is note about the inaugural game and the return of hockey to Tacoma, WA.

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Title: [souvenir pin for Goodwill Games]
Catalog Id: 2015.76.5
Creator: Taiwan
Creation Date: 1990
Description: Souvenir pin (a) and backing (b) for the Goodwill Games, held in Seattle, WA, 1990. Pin made in Taiwan. Pin is of Sport Series, Ice Hockey, #8, and is an offical pin of the Games. Pin has a post backing and squeeze fastener. The pin is made of gold tone metal. The front shows a figure of an ice hockey player in enameled red and yellow outfit skating with blue star background above a white and red stripe. Printed in gold letters on blue area: Goodwill / Games. Printed in gold letters on red area: Seattle '90. Backing made of light gray plastic, rectangular with shaped top to fit on a display stand. Hole at center top. Writing on backing notes the pin is an official pin.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 25 records matching your search criteria.