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Catalog Id: 1975.65.3
Call Number: EPH/338.604/Un3m/1972
Creation Date: 1972
Description: Anti-Chavez (UFWA) cartoon illustrated political handbill (28x21.5 cm.) Mabton, WA March 1972. Washington State Labor History Archives. Cartoon features Chavez riding farm worker like a horse. Ephemera.

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Title: ...Saddlery hardware: harness makers' supplies, harness leathers, also shoe findings, shoe store and shoe makers' supplies and sole leather
Catalog Id: 1998.1.86
Call Number: EPH-A/685.1/Ad18s/1910
Creation Date: 1931
Description: 88 page illustrated wholesale catalog ((22x30.5 cm.) of saddlery hardware for sale by the Adams Leather Co. of Spokane, WA. Items include also shoe findings, shoe store and shoe makers' supplies and sole leather. Includes index; Gray cardboard cover with black and orange print. Dated 1910. Ephemera.

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Title: " Farm Cavalry"
Catalog Id: 2012.0.19.4
Creation Date: ca. 1890-1910
Description: photographic print mounted on mat, titled the "Farm Cavalry", young woman (identified as Minnie Hammell on back of print) poses on a horse, at the Hammell Family homestead. Five additional horses stand in a line next to Minnie and two men strand nearby; A large building (horse barn) is visible in the background; from a series of photographs of the Hammell Farm in Waterville, Douglas County, Washington, ca. 1890-1910.

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Title: "1917 Rookers Blacksmith Mabton, Wash."
Catalog Id: 1996.36.45
Call Number: 1996.36.45
Creation Date: 1917
Description: Three men, two horses and a wagon in front of Rookers Blacksmith shop, Mabton, WA, 1917. Long shadows indicate early morning or late evening.

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Title: "11th & Pacific"
Catalog Id: 1965.73.7
Creation Date: 1965
Description: This is a tempera painting of Tacoma at 1101 Pacific Ave. Depicts an 1890s scene of a horse-drawn streetcar in front of Savings Bank Bldg. Second story of this building has a sign that reads, "Wm. Jackson Photographer" . Sign on next building reads, "Hewitt & Hill Real Estate"

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Title: "ask Lenare and Frank Madrow Conrad Repp"
Catalog Id: 1996.114.30
Call Number: 1996.114.30
Creation Date: ca 1905
Description: View of hay making day on the farm. Several wagon loads of fresh cut hay are being off loaded into the hay loft. There are several men working on this project as well as at least four teams of horses and wagons. There is a donkey engine with a large belt running to a conveyor belt which lifts the hay to the loft opening.

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Title: "Butchers barbeque and picnic: Spanaway Park Thursday, Aug. 13, 1903"
Catalog Id: 1903.1.525
Call Number: EPH/979./77828/B97b/1903
Creation Date: Aug. 1903
Description: 1 sheet advertising the: "Butchers barbeque and picnic: Spanaway Park Thursday, Aug. 13, 1903" "Sports of all Kinds" Events include: sport competitions, ladies and girls races, grand ball, barbecue, pony races, and meat cutters donkey race, weinerwurst eating contest, baby show, etc. "Commodroe Sullivan of the waterfront, will "jump through a ring of bologna without breaking the skin...." "Grand Ball in the Evening Prize Waltzes and Grand Cake Waltz..." Black print on rose-colored paper. Trade union Allied Printing Trades Council insignia present at lower left edge of handbill.

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Title: "C St looking S. from 9th"
Catalog Id: 1994.91.1.25
Call Number: 1994.91.1.25
Creation Date: ca. 1897
Description: View of street includes buildings, pedestrians, delivery wagon with horse, and trolley tracks.

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Title: "C.J. Anderson, and John Lees Party Crossing Lake LeBarge Apr 8 1899"
Catalog Id: 1998.34.1.6
Call Number: 1998.34.1.6
Creator: John T. Wagness
Creation Date: 1899
Description: Scene of a line of sleds, pulled by horses, loaded with provisions, being pulled across ice covered Lake LaBarge. Men are seated on the sleds. Snow covered hills rise in the background. One of a series of 54 photographs primarily relating to the Lund and Floding families during the Klondike Goldrush,1898-1910

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Title: "Can we do it?" "Hell, we gotta"
Catalog Id: 2016.30.25
Call Number: PAM/979.8821/K786c/1990
Creator: Arthur E. Knutson
Creation Date: 1990
Description: 46 page illustrated booklet (28x22 cm.) describing various individual steamboats used in rivers and rapids during the Klondike and Alaska gold rush. Written and published by Arthur E. Knutson; edited by Claire M. Knutson. Signed by author. Printed in Kirkland, WA in 1990. Robin Paterson Collection

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 1890 records matching your search criteria.