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Title: [A.S. Green grows huge lilies]
Catalog Id: C1986.
Creation Date: Aug. 14, 1961
Description: 3 Photographic negatives of a man standing next to some enormous lilies. Photograph accompanied an article on August 27, p. 4 and idetnified the man as A.S. Green, of Thurston County, growing lilies over 10 feet tall.

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Title: [beaded coin purse]
Catalog Id: C1970.43.1
Creator: Northern Plateau culture area
Creation Date: 1900-1909
Description: Coin purse, Northern Plateau culture area, 1900-1909. Handmade, hand sewn, and beaded on commercially prepared leather (patent leather?). Purse is U shaped with flap the same size as back. Back made of shiny black leather and edged with orange thread in a blanket type stitch. Interior of back has attached a small pocket made of tan color deerskin. It is slightly smaller than edging around it. The front flap is covered with light blue beads following the contour of the cover. At center is a floral design with pair of leaf like forms with curved tops. They have green centers outlined in greasy pink and dark blue beads. Extending up center is near diamond shape form in spiral of opaque yellow beads. It has white heart red (cornaline d'aleppo) beads extending down interior side of leaves with light green beads below. Below floral form is T shaped stem in dark blue beads. Interior of flap is lined with red wool and edge is edged with orange blanket stitch. Pair of leather thong ties attached to bottom of front and back flaps for closing. Given in 1909 to Jesse D. Boone and his wife, Lily by Mary Antoine, a tribal member living at Tonasket, WA. The Boones homesteaded in Tonasket.

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Title: [casket with woman and infant]
Catalog Id: 1943.42.41106
Call Number: Curtis 41106
Creator: Asahel Curtis
Creation Date: Nov. 11, 1920
Description: photographic print and nitrate/copy negatives, woman and infant (probably mother and child, related to either William Maloney Family or the Owens Family) lay together in a open casket at the Bonney Watson Funeral Parlor, Seattle, Washington, William Maloney, client, Asahel Curtis, photographer, Nov. 11, 1920. The casket is surrounded by many flowers and wreaths (including lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums).

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Title: [Duane R. Terry Funeral]
Catalog Id: C2013.18.51
Call Number: C1948.64.41
Creation Date: 1890-1910
Description: Photograph of the interior of the First Presbyterian Church, Olympia, WA, Thurston County, on the occasion of the funeral of Duane Terry, drowning victim. The entire front of the church is draped with floral arrangements, and on the floor of the sanctuary. In the foreground are the church seats. The altar is unadorned except for a tall archway. There is an organ near the front (altar end) of the sanctuary. It too is draped with flowers or plants.

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Title: [Funeral Flowers for Duane R. Terry Funeral]
Catalog Id: C1948.64.41
Call Number: C1948.64.41
Creator: Ida B. Smith
Creation Date: 1880-1910
Description: Photograph of floral arrangements sitting on stands and on the carpeted floor of a room. There is a door in the rear wall of the room and the top of a row of seats is visible in the foreground. The flowers include roses, lilies, calla lilies and ivy. The inscription identifies the subject as flowers for Duane Terry's funeral, Olympia, WA, Thurston County.

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Title: [Girl with lily]
Catalog Id: C1961.1185.29
Creation Date: 1900-1930
Description: Photograph, waist length, of a young woman, possibly a member of the Musgrove Family, Olympia, WA Thurston County. She has long hair, unbound, and is wearing a gauzy white veil over hear hair. She is holding an Easter lily.

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Title: [Horse, lilies, men, car]
Catalog Id: C1986.
Creation Date: Jul.1967
Description: 14 Photographic negatives. Seven are of horses, unidentified. Two are of two unidentified men. Two are of a bunch of large lilies. Three are of a fender bender in which a car craches into a glass window.

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Title: [IOOF ceremonial banner]
Catalog Id: 1998.22.688
Creation Date: 1960-2000?
Description: Ceremonial banner, used by Aurilla, # 133, IOOF, Bremerton, WA, ca. 1960-2000? Banner hangs from brown wood hanging rod that is capped at either end with pointed tip. Tips are painted gold; rod is painted silver. At center is a piece of rubber tubing around which three pieces of gold trim are attached. Trim serve as hanging loops for the banner. Banner is rectangular with bottom that is slightly curved. It is made of pink and green satin cloth and backed with pink satin cloth. all edges ddecorated with gold thread trim that has chevron like design at center and rounded edges. Top section is green. Printed in gold letters on it: Aurilla / 133. Lower edge is undulating with attached gold braided thread fringe. Lower pink section has handpainted arrangement of lilies on green stems with leaves and buds. Lower end is decorated with the gold thread fringe. Three tassels hang from lower edge, two on either side and one at center. Manufacturer unknown.

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Title: [Lillie Langtry]
Catalog Id: C1943.15x.9.1
Creation Date: 1870-1890
Description: Photographic publicity portrait,to waist, of actress Lillie Langtry. She is wearing a very tight-fitting white satin bodice, sleeveless and very low cut. Her hair is curly and in bangs.

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Title: [Presbyterian Sunday School Picnic at Butler's Cove 1884]
Catalog Id: C1952.197.13
Creator: L. Wilson Clark
Creation Date: 1884
Description: Photograph of a large group of people identified as picnickers from the First Presbyterian Church, Olympia, W.T., Thurston County. They are posing in a forest, identified as Butler's Cove, in several rows. The subjects are identified in a separate paper and catalogued in the subject field of this record. In the foreground are bracken ferns and in the background mature trees.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 61 records matching your search criteria.