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Title: ''Our magnificent street parade''...instructive, moral and pleasing
Catalog Id: 1903.1.27
Call Number: EPH/791.3/O7 o/1902
Creator: Tacoma, WA
Creation Date: 1902
Description: [12]page Illustrated booklet (28x17 cm.) about parade put on by Stetson's Big Double Uncle Toms Cabin Co., featuring bands, singers, performers, acts, etc. Place and date (Tacoma, March 1902) handwritten in ink. Ephemera. Edward N. Fuller Collection

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Title: "Circus parade on C Street Tacoma Wash"
Catalog Id: 1994.91.1.38
Call Number: 1994.91.1.38
Creation Date: ca. 1897
Description: photographic print in album, showing a circus parade on the "C" street, Pierce County, Tacoma, Washington, ca. 1897, scene includes pedestrians on the sidewalks and two elephants, one with a rider. One of series of photographs in a album showing various Tacoma and Pierce County views.

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Title: "Souvenir of Tacoma--1900", Grand military and naval conclave, Roster First Washington Volunteers
Catalog Id: 1994.4.83
Call Number: EPH-A/979.778021/S89s/1900
Creator: Tacoma, WA
Creation Date: 1900
Description: [18] page illustrated booklet (23x31 cm.) "Souvenir of Tacoma--1900" Grand military and naval conclave, consisting of program for fourth of July celebration in 1900, description of Tacoma and its businesses, and roster First Washington Volunteer Infantry, Spanish American War. Includes image of American flag on front cover and birdseye view map of Tacoma and southeastern Pierce County on back cover. Handwritten inscription on front cover: "Katherine McGosnell, Tacoma." Cover printed in blue and red type.

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Title: "Spanaway Park! for the next 4 days...: 8th Battery U.S.A. consisting of 105 men 125 horses 6 guns"
Catalog Id: 1903.1.553
Call Number: EPH-B/979./77807/Sp22sp/1902
Creation Date: Aug. 1902
Description: flyer, advertisement "Spanaway Park! for the next 4 days commencing today August 2nd 1902, 8th Battery U.S.A. consisting of 105 men 125 horses 6 guns with Captain Henly commanding......Dancing every evening Music by Alders Band," Pierce County, Washington, 1902 ; 45 cm.

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Title: "Taft Parade"
Catalog Id: 1943.42.14019
Call Number: Curtis 14019
Creator: Asahel Curtis
Creation Date: Sep. 19, 1909
Description: photographic print, U.S. Pres. William Howard Taft and Washington State Gov. John H. McGraw pose seated in an automobile while in transit to the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition, in Seattle, Asahel Curtis, photographer, dated Sept. 19, 1909.

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Title: (commemorative pin)
Catalog Id: 2010.25.371
Creation Date: 1980-2000
Description: Round paper button, 1980-1989, commemorating the annual Labor Day festival called Pinedorado Days in Cambria, CA. Printed across the top edge in black letters on a white background: PINEDORADO. Printed across the bottom edge in black letters on a white background: CAMBRIA, CA. Printed in the middle in shiny green foil on a white background is an emblem of three pine trees in grass.

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Title: (political pin)
Catalog Id: 2010.25.100
Creator: Richmark Company
Creation Date: 1986
Description: Round, pinback button made by Richmark Company, 1986, for the Gay/Lesbian Pride Parade and Freedom Rally held in Seattle, WA 1986. Printed on top in black letters on white background: UNITE TO FIGHT. Printed underneath in a pink outlined box in pink letters on white background: FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Printed in white letters inside a pink-filled inverted triangle (the symbol for homosexuality) : Seattle's / 1986 Gay/Lesbian / Pride Parade and / Freedom Rally. Printed along right side of triangle in black letters on white background: JUNE 29, 1986. Printed on left side of triangle in black letters on white background: NO ON 490 & 479. Printed across bottom edge in pink letters on white background: FREEDOM DAY COMMITTEE. A purple line design is printed along the top edge. Pin also shows opposition to Initiatives 479 and 490.

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Title: ["Liberty Car" in Olympia parade]
Catalog Id: C1946.240.8
Call Number: Photo A
Creation Date: Jul. 4, 1908
Description: Photograph of a horse-drawn float in downtown Olympia, WA, Thurston County. The float is a long flatbed festooned with ferns and flowers. In the center of the float are rows of girls in white dresses Each one has a sash with a different state's name on it. In the center is a young woman draped in striped bunting or a flag, identified as Mollie Moore, the Queen of the float. Behind the float is the two-store Caledonia Hotel, with a retracted awning over its windows. To its left is a commercial building with false front, and a water tower above it. The street, 5th Avenue, is unpaved. Newspaper accounts of the event identify the date as July 4, 1908 and the float the "Liberty Car." (Sleeve inscription identifies this float as associated with the Women's Club; contemporary articles note that it was created by Olympia resident Mrs. Mowell, who was a member of that club, but the float was not an official entry of the Woman's Club.)

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Title: ["Northport Redmen, July 4, 1904"]
Catalog Id: 2019.2.52
Call Number: 2019.2.52
Creator: Frank Palmer
Creation Date: Jul. 4, 1904
Description: Black and white photograph taken July 4, 1904 at an unknown location in Eastern Washington. Image shows men from a fraternal organization posing in front of a parade float. Most of the men are wearing dark suits and hats. A group of three men on the far right are dressed in costume. The second man from the right holds a goat. The goat wears a large sign which reads "The Royal Bumper". The sixth man standing on the left holds a large American flag. The float behind the men is decorated with streamers and bunting. Two posters on the float portray eagles with one reading "Equality" and the other "Justice", An eagle sits on a perch to the left of the float. Writing on obverse identifies the group as "Northport Redmen, July 4, 1904." However, the iconography of the posters/banners on the backdrop or the costumes several men are wearing do not appear to be those of the Improved Order of Red Men (I.O.R.M.). Frank Palmer, photographer.

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Title: [4th of July float, Bridgeport, WA]
Catalog Id: 2000.176.31
Call Number: 2000.176.31
Creation Date: 1910
Description: View of the Bauska and Son horse drawn wagon decorated with bunting and American flags for an Independence Day parade in Bridgeport, Wa. Several people are on the float. A crowd including women is visible in front of buildings in the background. Treeless hills are in the background.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 484 records matching your search criteria.