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Title: [42 star United States flag]
Catalog Id: 1943.19.5
Creation Date: 1889-1891
Description: 42-star U.S. flag of wool with cotton stars, 1889-1891 from the Henry Hewitt home.

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Title: [academic cap]
Catalog Id: 1949.4.15
Creation Date: ca. 1865
Description: Academic cap, mortarboard style, made of black wool and cardboard. Made by Cotrell & Leonard, Albany, NY, ca. 1865. Square top 9.5" x 9.5" made of cardboard covered in black wool; large cloth covered button at center top; black silk threads attached under all sides of button to create tassel. Top placed slightly foreward on piece that fits closely over head; black silk grosgrain hatband around outside bottom edge of this piece; brown leather hatband around inside edge; black cotton lining; manufacturer's name printed on inside top in silver ink. Used by Robert Laird McCormick who attended two schools in Pennsylvania: Saunders Military Institute, and the Tuscarora Academy. Presumably the cap dates to that time.

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Title: [American Legion Auxiliary pin]
Catalog Id: 1975.38.8
Creation Date: ca. 1918?
Description: Gold colored pin with enameled area. Blue star in center of white circle with gold lettering in blue border. Gold rays on outer rim.

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Title: [American Legion pin]
Catalog Id: 1975.69.28
Creation Date: 1945-1950?
Description: Lapel pin (or possibly collar button or cuff link) representing American Legion membership. Made of gold tone metal with illustration of five pointed star with "US" at center; star set against laurel wreath. Pin mounted to post with large round backing button.

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Title: [bag with Shriner symbol]
Catalog Id: 1963.141.4
Creation Date: ca. 1925
Description: Small bag or pouch, made of white cotton. Rectangular shape; printed on one side in red with Shriner symbol (curved sword above downward pointed crescent with star inside and pharaoh head at middle of crescent) and manufacturer's name ("Wendell & Greenwood Manufacturers, Minneapolis, Minn."). Drawstring closure at top with cotton tape inside.

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Title: [Basketry cap]
Catalog Id: 1996.67.4
Creator: Southern Plateau culture area
Creation Date: 1920-1935
Description: Woman's twined basketry cap. Jute warps and cotton cord wefts. Fully covered with false embroidery of corn husk. The design is a stepped triangular pattern in dyed corn husk, pink and green. There are two cords hanging from the center; dentalium shells and blue beads on a buckskin thong. Southern Plateau.

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Title: [Captain Robert Gray medal]
Catalog Id: 1980.42.14
Creator: James A. Wehn
Creation Date: 1966
Description: Captain Robert Gray medal (part a) in case (part b). Designed by James A. Wehn for the Washington State Historical Society in 1966, to commemorate the Robert Gray Medal Award. Medal depicts profile portrait of Captain Gray on one side, with Washington State Historical Society award text on reverse side. Medal produced by the Medallic Art Company for the sculptor.

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Title: [commemorative medal for the Statue of Liberty Centennial]
Catalog Id: 1981.118.2312
Creation Date: 1965
Description: Commemorative medal (A) for the Statue of Liberty Centennial, in cardboard box (B). Round bronze medal with raised images on either side. Obverse: ring of text surrounding relief image of Statue of Liberty with skyline of New York City in background. Rays emanating from lamp ending in 13 stars at inner edge of text ring. Dates 1865 and 1965 to the left and right of the statue respectively. Piers and a boat present in bottom 1/3 of inner ring. Reverse: ring of text surrounding a relief image of immigrants aboard ship approaching Statue of Liberty with smaller ships at base of statue. Line of text between base of Statue and immigrants in foreground. Picture of Auguste Bartholdi on plaque shaped relief in upper left quadrant of inner ring. Small cardboard box with removable lid, covered with off-white textured paper.

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Title: [Commemorative pin]
Catalog Id: 1994.1.644
Creation Date: 1941-1945

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Title: [Eastern Star membership pin]
Catalog Id: 2004.106.33
Creation Date: ca. 1900?
Description: Pin probably used by Alma H. Welch in Eastern Star membership, ca. 1900. Small pin made of silver toned wreath with gavel mounted behind it. Straight pin fastener mounted to back of gavel. At center of wreath is five pointed star with enameled tips and center and with emblems of Eastern Star. At base of wreath is small diamond chip. Pin housed in square jewelry box with hinged lid and covered with dark blue velvet. Box interior lined with dark blue velvet; lid lined with tan satin.

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 569 records matching your search criteria.