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Title: ...Call to consciousness to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment: join Betty Ford and Eleanor Smeal and other ERA supporters...
Catalog Id: 2003.99.1.10
Call Number: EPH-B/305.42/N213c/1981
Creation Date: 1981
Description: 1 poster; ill.; 36 cm.; Green print on white, featuring illus. of Abraham Lincoln wearing ''ERA YES'' button. Ephemera

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Title: ...Madam Zazell, medium: Five days only. Call and see her at once!...
Catalog Id: 1903.1.177
Call Number: EPH/133.8/OL9m/1904
Creation Date: [1904]
Description: 1 sheet; 23 cm.; Pencilled date: July 4, 1904. Edward N. Fuller Ephemera Collection

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Title: ...Scenes on the mountain farm of Betty McDonald..., The Egg and I
Catalog Id: 2004.2.1.57
Call Number: EPH/979.77843/R811sc/1947
Creation Date: 1947
Description: One sheet (ill., photos, 30x15 cm.) advertisement for the film, "The Egg and I" by Betty MacDonald (McDonald or Anne Elizabeth Campbell Bard) that was showing at the Roxy Theater in Gig Harbor, WA, Sept. 14-16,1947. On the front page there are photographs taken by theater employees of the mountain farm near Quilcene, WA, the actual farm depicted in book. Verso lists upcoming films at Roxy Theatre and Gig Harbor businesses, 1947.

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Title: ''I am neutral''
Catalog Id: 2005.168.19
Call Number: EPH/324.623/I 1 i/1908
Creation Date: [ca. 1908]
Description: 1 card; ill.; Image shows man running away from two arguing women, holding sign ''I am neutral.''

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Title: ''I got a little behind in my rent'': 1944, tenth anniversary year
Catalog Id: 2003.3.69
Call Number: EPH/979./77714/C765i/1944
Creation Date: 1944
Description: 1 sheet, folded; col. illus.; Illus. features young woman in lingerie advertising Consolidated Beverages Company in Seattle and Bremerton. Advertisement inside for 6th War Loan. Contains a letter written in the style of a V-mail, but written by a yokel.. Edward Nolan Collection. Ephemera.

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Title: ''Out to Win'': Prohibitionists of the State of Washington can win in 1912
Catalog Id: 1998.31.1.126
Call Number: EPH/979.7021/Ou8o/1912
Creator: Olin F. Fowler
Creation Date: 1912
Description: Political handbill related to Prohibition, 1 sheet; 17 cm., compiled by Olin F. Fowler, Tacoma, Wa., 1912.

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Title: ''Peep'' backstage, U.S.A.: Seattle World's Fair
Catalog Id: 1999.77.9
Call Number: EPH-A/979./777191/P345m/1962
Creation Date: ca. 1962
Description: 1 v.; ill. (some col.); 30.5 cm.

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Title: ''Searchlight'' [theater]
Catalog Id: 2002.48.3
Call Number: EPH/979./7780713/S17se/1899
Creation Date: [ca. 1899]
Description: 1 sheet; 30 cm.; Black type on orange. Flyer listing week's sowings at the Searchlight Theatre in Tacoma. Showings include: War Scenes: A fight in the Philipines [sic.], English Troops Charging Boers in South Africa, The Pistol Duel; German Cavalry. Naval Parade in New York, Follow the Leader. Sloan Collection. Ephemera

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Title: ''Searchlight'' [theater] continuous entertainment: Edison's moving pictures
Catalog Id: 2004.46.2.232
Call Number: EPH/979./7780713/Se17da/1900
Creation Date: [ca. 1900]
Description: 1 sheet; 31 cm. Handbill listing week's movies being shown at the Searchlight Theatre in Tacoma: Blanket Tossing, Dance Scene, Harvesting Scene, Col. Funston Swimming the Bag Dad River--P.T., Passing of the Flyer, Country Prize Fight, Our Girl's [sic.] now put on the Gloves, Good Shepherd Watching the Flock, Scene from the Passion Play, Battle Scene in South Africa, Bringing in British Prisoners, Haunted Barber Shop. Sloan Collection. Ephemera

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Title: ''Searchlight'' [theater] continuous entertainment: Edison's moving pictures
Catalog Id: 2004.46.2.239
Call Number: EPH/979./7780713/Se17d/1901
Creation Date: 1901
Description: 1 sheet; 31 cm.. Handbill announcing "This Week's Programme of Moving Pictures" at the Searchlight Theatre, Tacoma, WA: "Picadilly Circus, Arrival of Train at Paris Exposition, Driving Scene-Champs Elysees, Ride up the Effel [sic] Tower, Shoing England's new King [Edward VII], Horseless Fire Engines Going to the Fire, Wonderful Transformation Scene." Sloan Collection. Ephemera

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Displaying results 1 - 10 of 4731 records matching your search criteria.