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Sandy wasn't going to budge no matter what. He'd known the ranger all his life, and he respected him as much as any man alive. But he planned to stand his ground.
"Jack's my mule. The only one I've got."
On May 6, 1896, seventeen-year old Clara Estby and her mother Helga left their home in Mica Creek, Washington with ten dollars and two small satchels. They took so little with them—not even a change of clothes—you might guess that they were planning to walk a few miles for an overnight trip to a relative’s house. If you looked inside their satchels, though, you would guess they were planning a much longer journey.
Only one painting of Vitus Bering exists, and it is not flattering. Could this man possibly be a great explorer? Four Danish archeologists, along with twenty-two Russian scientists, were determined to discover the truth. But to find the truth, they had to find the bones.