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Interested in a field trip? Excellent, because the Washington State History Museum helps students of all ages make connections between Washington and the world.

At the bottom of the page, you will find links to more information about each of our field trip opportunities including self-guided, History Lab, and Voices of the Great Hall. Visit those individual pages to learn about those programs, including pricing and content.

Here are several things you'll need to know prior to your visit to the Washington State History Museum.


We require a ratio of 1 chaperone for every 5 students. This chaperone ratio plus the classroom teachers are free. Additional adults are $5 per person.

To ensure your chaperones are as prepared as possible, here is a chaperone guide which can be printed and customized with important scheduling notes. 

Chaperones under the guidance of the lead teacher are ultimately responsible for their students while inside the Washington State History Museum. Please take the time to review our conduct policy so chaperones and students understand all behavioral expectations while attending a field trip.

Washington State Historical Society's Conduct Policy


We have limited parking for cars and vans, which are subject to current parking rates. 

The museum has a bus loading and unloading zone located behind the building in our lower parking lot. However, busses will need to be parked off-site at the Tacoma Mall unless special arrangements have been made. 

Need directions and current parking pricing?  Click here!

 Arrival On-Site

Please direct chaperones to guide their students to our Amphitheater entrance. They will be met by museum staff and volunteers who will guide them to our Auditorium for a brief orientation. 

Be prepared for students and chaperones to drop off their backpacks, bags, purses, and jackets at this point.  They will also be asked to leave their lunches on a designated cart for consumption at the designated lunch time.

Teachers are allowed to carry a backpack with medical supplies and perscriptions if necessary. Please alert a museum staff member who will provide you with a medical tag to be attached to the bag.

This document will explain what the arrival process looks like. Please share with staff and organizers of your field trip.


You will be assigned a location and time for lunch when you arrive on-site. Since lunches must be dropped off at the beginning of the field trip, we recommend that you place the sack lunches and beverages in large boxes marked with the school, group and/or classroom teachers' names. Please do not leave the lunches in cars, on the bus, or in backpacks/bags.


We accept cash, check, credit card and purchase order. If you bring cash, please use large bills and have it counted ahead of arrival. If you plan to use a purchase order, fax it prior to your visit to 253.272.9518 and bring a copy on the day of the field trip. When you arrive, be prepared to give your headcount for students, chaperones, classroom teachers and additional adults along with your payment to the admission desk in the main lobby on the 3rd floor.

 Exhibits & Activities

All students are expected to bring an activity to work on while they visit the museum. Please use an activity provided in our Field Guide, create your own activity sheet, or utilize an activity on our Education page.

If you decide to create your own activity, provide an answer key or extra copy to our staff at the 3rd floor admissions counter. This will better enable us to assist your students in the galleries.

Students will be able to visit our permanent exhibition on the 3rd floor, the Great Hall of Washington History, as well as our temporary exhibits. See which exhibits will be on display here.



For more information, contact the Education Department.

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