Field Trips

Get your students excited about the past with a field trip to the Washington State History Museum. Thousands of students come to the museum every year to explore how history connects us all. A field trip to the Washington State History Museum helps students make connections between past and present, see real objects from the past, and explore stories from throughout Washington State.

How to Book a Field Trip

Step 1: Decide which type of field trip is best for your group, a Self-Guided Field Trip or a Facilitated History Lab Field Trip. (See below for details.) 
Step 2: Explore field trip costs and funding opportunities
Step 3: Learn and share museum expectations on our “Know Before You Go” webpage
Step 4: Reserve a field trip 

Step 1: Decide Which Type of Field Trip is Best for Your Class
We offer two different types of field trips: self-guided field trips and facilitated History Lab field trips.

SelfGuidedFieldTrips_GirlsSelf-Guided Field Trips
Grades K-12
Our interactive exhibits encourage young people to actively investigate the past, develop skills to examine evidence, analyze cause and effect, and weigh arguments. Even more, a visit to the museum can help them discover that learning history is fun. We strongly recommend one chaperone for every five students.
Learn more about self-guided field trips.

HistoryLabImage1Facilitated History Lab Field Trips
Grades 3-12
In the History Lab, students employ critical thinking and apply their own perspectives, led by a museum facilitator. Our new format offers more hands-on opportunities, interdisciplinary practices and concepts, and engaging questions. The History Lab facilitated program is available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We strongly recommend one chaperone for every five students.
Learn more about History Lab field trips. 

On both types of field trip, students can access our permanent exhibit, the Great Hall of Washington History, as well as all of our temporary exhibits. See which exhibits will be on display when you visit. 

For more information, contact the Education Department.

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