History Lab Field Trips

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In the History Lab, students work in teams to explore a theme in Washington's history. This visit includes an engaging introduction as well as in-depth and hands-on examination of real artifacts. History Labs are offered on Thursdays and Fridays.

Is a History Lab Field Trip right for your class? Check these requirements:

  • Your class is Third Grade or above. (The Labs are written at 4th grade, Middle School, and High School levels).
  • You have only one or two adjacent grade levels. (Ex: A 4th/5th group is fine, a 4th  8th is not).
  • Your group can stay the entire time (9:30 – 11:00am or 11am – 12:30pm).
  • You have a minimum of 15 students. 
  • The Lab can accomodate up to two classes per time slot  four classes total for the day.

If you can meet these requirements, feel free to book a History Lab Field Trip. If not, we welcome you to book a Self-Guided Field Trip, which has more flexibility with times and numbers. 

From the moment a class walks into the History Lab, the excitement begins. Students become historians in this engaging, one-and-a-half hour facilitated field trip where they learn about historical evidence by interacting directly with objects. Artifacts and ephemera are used as primary sources to explore Washington state’s history through object analysis and deep artifact-based inquiry. Armed with their senses of observation, students will understand how historians unlock the many secrets in Washington's past.

If you plan on a History Lab field trip, be prepared by placing students in a chaperone group based on their learning styles and abilities as these groups will work together in the Lab. Also, see below for pre-visit lessons and extension activities that make it easy for you to adapt materials for your students.

History Lab field trip admission is based on a sliding scale measured by the percentage of students receiving free and reduced lunch at the school. 

Percentage of Students Receiving
Free or Reduced Lunch
Cost per Student for
History Lab Field Trips
 0 - 49%  $7
 50 - 65%  $6
 66 - 80%  $5
 81 - 100%  $4


This program is offered on Thursdays and Fridays.

Teachers and chaperones at a 1:5 ratio are free.  Additional chaperone admission is $5 each.

For more information, contact the Education Department.

History Lab Pre-Visit

Click here for a brief pre-visit lesson on primary sources and interacting with objects.

Ready for artifact and ephemera analysis? Check out the pre-visit photo gallery as part of your pre-visit lesson.

History Lab Extension Lessons

You can also explore the artifact and ephemera you experienced in the History Lab lesson through this photo gallery.

History Lab Chaperones

Download a schedule and map for your school's visit.
Check out these guiding questions for chaperones they can use in the History Lab with their group.