Field Trip Reservations

Please provide the following information to begin the process of reserving a field trip at the Washington State History Museum. Before you make a reservation, please be sure you have read about our different field trip options, costs and scholarships, and logistical information. If you have any questions, please contact Thank you!


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Self-Guided Hall of Washington Field Trip (includes special exhibits) 
Facilitated History Lab (includes access to Hall of Washington History and special exhibits) 
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9:30am (History Lab)
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10:30am (Self-Guided)
11am (History Lab; Self-Guided)
11:30am (Self-Guided)
12pm  (Self-Guided)
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Please provide e-mails for all teachers and staff members who will need to receive scheduling and visit information. EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE REQUIRED IN ORDER TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST.
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Number of Chaperones (we strongly encourage a ratio of 1 to 5)
Length of Stay (we recommend a 2-3 hour visit)
Will your group be eating lunch during your visit?
Introduce your group to us, including any special needs, interests, and/or what makes your class unique.
What goals would you like to achieve by visiting the History Museum?
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Would you like to be considered for Sliding Scale Admissions Funding? As detailed on our Field Trip Costs & Funding Webpage, this is available to groups from schools in which 50% or more receive free or reduced-priced lunch. If you are not sure if this applies to you, please check by looking your school up onOSPI's Washington Public School Free and Reduced-Price Meal Eligibility spreadsheet.
Additional Comments or Questions
Students, teachers, and chaperones are required to stay on the History Museum premises at all times during the visit. If you are using a district bus, check to see when the bus needs to be back in the district.

Payment must be arranged with your school or district prior to your visit. We accept checks, credit cards, or purchase orders. Bring an accurate head count and payment details on the day of your visit. Purchase orders may be submitted by fax to 253-272-9518. Review our teacher checklist for more information.

Submit your reservation request and someone from our education staff will contact you. There is no need to call if you have submitted a reservations request form online. Reservation requests are processed and granted in the order in which they are received.

For more information, contact the Education staff.


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