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Are your students studying a particular topic in Washington's history? Do you want them to explore the museum at their own pace? If so, self-guided visits are the key to success. We even supply a teachers' field guide that's packed with information about Washington history and Great Hall activities for your students.

Entering the Great Hall is like stepping into another world. With iconic structures, intriguing media, and characters that spin tales from the past, the Great Hall of Washington History spans pre-history to the 1950s.

If your class is working on a special project or will do well exploring at their own pace, a self-guided visit is for you. We supply a fabulous Field Guide to the Hall of Washington History to help you plan and design your visit, as well as a variety of downloadable gallery activities. Your class will receive an orientation to the museum and our exhibits when they arrive. Once in the galleries, our interpreters are on hand to help students and chaperones in their search for information and exploration of objects and images.

The self-guided option also includes the special exhibit galleries.  

Self-guided field trip admission cost is based on a sliding scale using percentages of students receiving free and reduced lunch at that school. See the table below for pricing.  

Percentage of Students Receiving
Free or Reduced Lunch
Cost per Student for
Self-Directed Field Trips
 0 - 49%  $5
 50 - 65%  $4
 66 - 80%  $3
 81 - 100%  $2


Teachers and chaperones at a 1:5 ratio are free.  Additional chaperone admission is $5 each.

For more information, contact the Education Department.

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Explore the Museum

The Great Hall of Washington History is rich with information and artifacts that will meet state and Common Core Standards as well as enhance the lessons taught in the classroom.  To see what featured exhibits will be on display during your visit, visit our featured exhibits page.

Visit Materials

Students who are actively engaged get the most out of their museum visit. Check out the Gallery Activities page for printable worksheets.

Chaperone Schedule

Download a schedule and map of the Great Hall for chaperones visiting the museum.