Using AI to Simulate the Dead

Scholarly Selections

October 17, 2019 6:30 PM


Scholarly Selections: Using Artificial Intelligence to Simulate the Deceased

In the last few years, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have allowed researchers to generate music, art, and even novels. This art can imitate someone’s particular style and personality.

In this talk, UWT Affiliate Assistant Professor Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad describes his own work with these AI technologies – specifically, his quest to create a simulation of his deceased father that can interact with Ahmad’s daughters, who were born after their grandfather passed away.

The talk will delve into the moral, ethical and legal implications of AI technologies. What does it mean for identity if we can simulate a person's personality? Does it lighten the weight of death if we can interact with a simulation after a person has died? Can we ban people from creating digital simulations of ourselves?

Photo credits: AUM OER Follow, Laptop, and Michael Coghlan, Follow,

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