The Great Washington Heritage Geo-Adventure!

Contest is over...but the adventure continues!


Commemorating the Washington State Historical Society's 125 years in 2016, this geocaching tour around the great state of Washington features 25 locations in 5 separate regions. Each location has a unique history that has benefited from the Washington State Historical Society's Heritage Capital Projects grant program. Cache information can be found online at

ACCESS TO CACHE SITES: Each location has given the Washington State Historical Society permission to hide a geocache somewhere in the vicinity. No cache's discovery is dependent on hours of operation or season. All locations are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (though we recommend searching in the daylight hours). If for any reason cache seekers determine a site to be hazardous, unsafe or inaccessible, please do not attempt to enter the area. Instead, send an e-mail to or call 253-798-5902 and report the situation immediately. 

PRIZES: The contest portion of the geo-adventure is over. However, while supplies last, if you send in proof (stamps or selfies) that you visited all five locations in a region we will mail you the custom Washington State Historical Society pathtag to match those regions. Again, once they're gone - they're gone, and we can't promise there will be tags available. 

NW pathtag  PS pathtag  SW pathtag  CT pathtag  EN pathtag

If you've bothered to travel all that way to find our caches, why not take a selfie while you're there? Show us how much you appreciate Washington's heritage by posting your pic on social media with the hashtag #iheartWAheritage. Don't forget to tag us too!