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Field Trip Scholarship Fund Campaign: September 19 through October 25, 2018

How would your life be different if you had never discovered your love for history? Would your perspective be more limited? Would your awareness of the struggles and joys of those that came before you be as vivid?
Unfortunately, this is the case for thousands of students across our state. Many schools lack the resources to send their students on field trips. Many students in our community may never experience the Washington State History Museum, right in their own back yard.

You can change that! You can share your love of history with another generation by sending them on a FREE field trip to the Washington State History Museum. Your gift today will provide low-income schools with the funds to bring children to the museum and offer these students a truly compelling learning experience.

Please, make a difference today! Click here for more details, or click below to donate now.
Thank you for helping students in our community to discover how history connects us all.
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Special thanks to Propel Insurance for their generous support of the Field Trip Scholarship Fund.